Little People


Tofugu’s website has an interesting article about the people counter. here
Rather unfortunately it lists Snow White’s friends in the category of
This is a bit off, isn’t it?


Well, I mean… mining dwarfs are mythological.


Likewise, are Umpa Lumpas people? Was the genealogy established.
What about elves, or fairies?
They all look human. But has anyone studied their generic makeup? Maybe they’re just a close relative, but genetically different?


I think OP mixed up mythological dwarves with actual people who have dwarfism, and it obviously would be egregious to refer to the latter as ‘human-like’. That sentence makes it clear that it’s talking about mythological dawves, though.

It’s worth noting that some languages simply use the same word for both with no distinction, which is why it can be confusing for some to see them mentioned as being human-like.


What about dwarf planets such as Pluto and Ceres?


Please stop planet-shaming, Little Planets are planets just like the others.


Pluto is a planet, damn it. There are nine planets. :rage: Long live Pluto.


Is Pluto a planet or a dwarf planet?

  • Pluto is a planet
  • Pluto is a dwarf planet
  • Both
  • Neither
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson, FIGHT ME!!!

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I’m no mathematician, but these numbers don’t seem right.


It’s technically correct, it just looks weird because I voted for two options. If only the two of us voted, and I voted for option A and you didn’t, then 50% of voters voted for option A, even if a total of 3 votes were cast.


We’ll that’s silly. Shouldn’t be percent of voters who picked a choice. Should be percent of all votes, for that choice.
3/1*100, not 2/1*100


If it were percent of all votes, it would only reflect which options were more popular. As it is, the current conting system does that, plus it show exatcly many voters agree and how many disagree with each option.

How we went from dwarfism characterization to planetary classification to statistics interpretation in 10 posts shows great derailing intention, and also rhymes.


I don’t know if this conversation has a lot of value sticking to the original topic - OP was wrong, conversation over

Anyway, if Pluto is a planet then Ceres is a planet

I mean realistically if Pluto is a planet then Ceres, Eris, Makemake, Haumea, Orcus and Sedna are planets, which is why Pluto’s no longer a planet

And really, if you’re going to feel bad for Pluto for no longer being a planet, and you’re going to ignore Ceres, who got dismissed as being just another asteroid for centuries but finally got her shot to be someone important only to have all the science fans just ignore her? You’ve broken Ceres’ heart.


We can derail this further by discussing the character Pluto from Disney and Disney’s acquisition of Fox.




I hope that helps clear things up.


Everyone knows Pluto isn’t a planet, it’s obviously a Mass Relay encased in ice…


All of you need to let go of your earthly views and connections.

Other planets are clearly celestial telepathic spherical beings of non-organic matter waiting to eat other celestial beings.


And I came here thinking this was a discussion on literary works. :slight_smile:


Isn’t that Little Women?