Little hirigana

How do I make the hirigana small for combination hirigana? I’m using my phone for the lessons and can’t pass any quizzes without using combinations, lol.

Those are combined sounds. ji = じ and yu = ゆ, so ju = じゅ

I’d recommend brushing up on your hiragana studies a bit to ease the transition. There’s also this.

You can do it by typing x or l (that’s a lower case L) in front of the character you want to make little, but that’s not necessary. At least that’s how most IMEs work. I’ve actually not tried it with WK.

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Check out the IME section on the wiki post in the Pleasant part of the forums. I wrote a few tips on how to use the WK IME there before I left, it should still be there unless someone removed it.

In Android you can use “x” or “l” before writing hiragana to make it small so for example “xya” would come out as “ゃ”

Hir a gana :wink:

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