Listening Practice 🎧 What do you listen to for Japanese practice?

Compared to nowadays anime this is very pure and sweet.
Because it’s focused on children, it’s more relaxing and easier to follow for beginners. If you’re already into anime this might be not your thing. I recommend it because it’ll also give you a sense of how anime was back from 1998!

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A good time for anime! :eyes:

Among my first anime is Cowboy Bebop and I do recommend it because it’s fantastic! But there is blood and some gruesome bits so not for kids, alright.

I learned my first Japanese words watching this anime series:

ちょっとまって一寸 【ちょっと】 (ateji) (adv,int) (1) (uk) just a minute, short time, just a little, (2) somewhat, easily, readily, rather, §

Sounded like, chottoto, chotto matte, chotto, in my ears at the time and very close to the truth!

Since then I’ve learned tons of words from repeated situations in anime with the subs giving me the meaning.

I think anime is great, because if you enjoy something, there is much more hope for you to learn about it! That’s just fact! :face_with_monocle:

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Cowboy Bebop! yes that’s an amazing one.

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I was lucky to get started with truly great anime. And so, I quickly fell in love with voice acting (Japanese that is), and wanted to get my hearing good enough to fully appreciate it. It still is my goal, but you get there incrementally. Step by step. And be patient. As hearing is a bit indistinct and can be frustrating at times, but also very relaxing and enjoyable! :blush:

i just use podcast call nihongo no teppi. and some anime drama audiocast from youtube
for example -


What do you like about it? :eyes: I still haven’t gotten onboard with this podcast.

nothing in particular. just the voices i guess. i know like 30% of what they’re saying. so i replay it couple of times

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the youtube isnt podcast. but nihongo no teppi is. for beginners. im still using it. i started from #1 to now like #200s. its 5 mins each. spotify/apple podcast

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What kind of themes do they do?

the nihongo no teppi topics are random. but they’re easy to understand. as for the audio drama on youtube they’re just random. but this one in particular is about how the girl wants to write / draw for someone for her novel. so its romance

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I’m still probably very off in understanding! XD But, for me audio dramas are acted out scenarious like in anime, but just with audio. Radio thetre if is vere broadcasted, but it’s not. So sold on CDs. Before that on Tape Cassette. So, this has existed as a thing in Japan for quite some time! ^>^

That’s what I mean with audio Dramas since there is quite a number of them made in Japan.

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just listen to the youtube video.

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Sorry that I couldn’t find time immediately but I can’t. Gotta get comfortable and focused when I do. :slight_smile:

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In terms of anime for listening practice, I find that Pokemon is a relatively good one. As the stories are mostly simple, it’s easy to really focus on what’s being said. The language used is also not too complicated, so I think it’s quite good for people starting out watching anime without subtitles.

It’s certainly not for everyone, but I’ve actually been quite enjoying the most recent series so far. Not sure where people can watch it in Japanese outside of Japan though.

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I did give Pokemon a try some years ago. I think you’re right in that it’s a good level to try without subs. It shouldn’t be too complicated (outside of the original names for pokemon).

For me, I do struggle to keep my interest for kids shows. So, that includes Pokemon. It’s a good series for sure, but I do long for that heavier, complex content of anime for adults.

I suspect drama anime in High School settings should also be pretty doable for starters. Since the vocab is pretty limited to stuff you’ve probably encountered before.

A bit harder would be a show like Detective Conan. That one I’ve watched a lot with no subs. It takes some getting into the vocab at first though, but the crime/murder/detective vocab then becomes a recurring thing.

So, I think that’s also very doable. You’ll have to be patient for a couple of episodes for sure, as you learn that vocab. But, then it’s a great series. With lots of episodes to practice listening with. ^>^

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My family

Podcasts: Nihongo Switch, NHK News, maybe others

Anime/Shows: Doraemon, Chibi Marukochan, Sazae San, variety shows

Textbooks: JfBP, Genki, Minna no Nihongo, and Speak Japanese! audio recordings.


I like video games, crafting, and cooking among other things, so I’ve been looking for Japanese stuff to listen to involving those topics. I found pretty much everything here either through the whims of the algorithm or by searching and clicking until I found something I liked.

On YouTube:

I started with かなえママのエンジョイホビーカフェ which is like a sewing and crafting channel where they demo different techniques. It’s kind of product-placement-y - I think they’re usually demoing like, how to make a quilt in order to sell you a sewing machine. But I’ve found the intros to be very easy to listen to and I like the variety of topics covered.

Another sewing channel: Miekoと一緒にパッチワークをするYouTube 【Mieko happytime】 is all about sewing and quilting. Her voice is really calm and soothing, although her video volume is super low so I always have to crank it. I’ve thought about making some of the stuff she shows like this apple bag.

Sometimes I can get my boyfriend to watch Japanese videos with me if we watch the よゐこの○○で○○生活 playlist on Nintendo 公式チャンネル. He gets to watch Mario and I try to keep up and tell him what they’re talking about. I really like the one with the Mario Kart AR.

On Spotify:

I’m not huge on podcasts so I don’t tend to listen to them reliably, but I do especially like 日本語 with あこ. Her episodes aren’t too long and she picks specific topics instead of rambling about whatever. She also brings on guests pretty frequently which I’ve enjoyed. Ako is also a great teacher with an active Twitter account, Patreon, and YouTube channel - I’ve gone to her live group lessons before and enjoyed them.

Get comfy with Japanese Kansai-ben I haven’t listened to this one a ton and don’t feel qualified to leave a meaningful review, but I am interested in Kansai-ben.

Let’s learn Japanese from small talk! Mostly just small talk between two college girls. I liked the episode where they talked about Japanese restaurant chains and fast food (I think it was the パリピ one?).

Nあ~ casual nihongo I like the format: he asks you a question, and you have to answer it by listening to a recorded dialogue. After you listen to the conversation once, he introduces unusual vocabulary and plays the conversation again.

I also like to listen to a lot of Japanese music on Spotify and made a playlist with all my favorites so far!

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I watch and listen to TV Japan. It’s amazing how every time I learn a new grammar point or vocabulary word, I hear it on TV within a week or so. Very motivating!


I have to cross-share this adorable ad :green_heart:งφ-д-φ)ง/30769/3463?

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Is this available outside of Japan btw? :eyes: (I should really learn more about VPNs and stuff)