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January 4th

Listened to an episode of Sayuri Saying. She discussed her goals for the new year: doing voice over work and improving her driving. I can relate to that second one: I only have my learner’s permit, rather than a full driver’s license. I grew up in a city with extensive public transit, so a car was never a necessity. Where I’m living now, however, is a different story… :weary:


I started Crayon Shin Chan 2 days ago and how is this a children’s show I. DO. NOT. KNOW. I am enjoying it though. Watching with Japanese subtitles, understanding about 5 %, going through it a second time with language reactor and then a 3rd while writing down all the vocabulary I do not know which is quite a lot. I think I might go through each episode this way and on the 4th watch I will do it after reviewing the vocabulary I have written down.

Also I am going through Bite Size Japanese and Nihongo con teppei for beginners, but I do not enjoy podcasts as much as shows although they are easier to understand.


Checking my clockify stats tell me yesterday I listened to podcasts for 1h13mins and spent an hour transcribing a couple of podcasts such that I might understand them better. A lunchtime dog walk really helps boosts those minutes as my usual route is about 40 minutes long (depending on how many other dogs there are for mine to play with)
I’ve only had one coffee this morning so far so the memories are coming back slowly. I vaguely recall an episode of Noriko where she’s talking about a Japanese phrase that’s a variation of ‘little by little/bit by bit’. I do remember feeling grumpy about not understanding as much as I’d like but there we go, that’s why I’m practicing!


funny! made me laugh, you’ve really captured that male Japanese grumbling/mumbling dialect. I was watching ‘Tokyo Vice’ and the Yazuka boss spoke like that. I love to do impressions of it with my italki tutor, it really amuses me, mmmm… not sure she finds it as hilarious


:headphones: :desktop_computer: :sound: :snowflake: January 4

Listened to Teppei’s for beginners #6 and played some BU$TAFELLOWS (so I listened to the voice acting).


January 5 :arrow_forward: :

Today I watched this top 30 novels of 2022 video:

Only very few things were said about most of the books, and I understood about half of that, but it’s still much better than I did with such videos in the last challenge, so it seems I’m definitely making progress :smiley: Noted down some books to check out too (based more on covers than his comments, I’m afraid :sweat_smile:)


If people didn’t judge books by their cover then there’d be a ton of artists twiddling their thumbs


Definitely true, but I’m not choosing books by how beautiful a cover is. I mean, beautiful or unique covers do catch my eye of course, but what I’m trying do to is try and understand what the cover is telling me. You can usually tell if a book is romantic, funny, scary, a mystery or horror or historical fiction or whatever, just by glancing at its cover. However, it seems that cover language is different in different countries, and I’m still not very good at interpreting Japanese covers. So many covers look like a scene from an anime, for example. Does it mean that the book is fantasy? For a younger audience? Or do the Japanese just really like this style for everything?


Thanks, very interesting video!
A pretty crazy (and of course totally unrelated) detail for me was 硝子 (ガラス) :exploding_head: - didn’t know at all there is a way of writing this in kanji :sweat_smile: plus it means “child of the nitrate” which is crazy, weird and fitting, as is so often :grin:

By the way did you catch the horror books (especially one where he said it’s really really horror) he presented?


I did, they were among the ones I noted down :grin:
I’m more intrigued by his top 1 though. From the cover I would dismiss it as a YA book, but from the description and reviews it seems it’s not? Those cover designs still perplex me a lot after more than a year of reading.


My impression is that usually means “this is a light novel” – eyeballing my booklog shelf, the anime-style covers are pretty much all LNs, and the non-LNs are different styles.


Jan 5, Thu of Week 2 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

Today I listened to 君の膵臓をたべたい Ch.2 [2/2]. There might be some drama, but still in evaluation period whether I like the story.

Then, So-matome N3 Listening Ch.1 [3/5] about Keigo. I manage to get it correct at 8/10. Explanation is just on the paired page, or by listening carefully in addition to seeing answer keys.

Then, half an episode of 緊急取調室 EP.5. I avoided opening transcript side-panel, but Language Reactor is helpful to make Netflix pause without resting screen (as well as rewinding from next chapter preview and credits).

Then, I listened to JP-CN podcast on Podbean, about horoscopy. It’s a little puzzling when I look up Kanji forms.

  • うさぎ(どし) (this year) => 卯年(うどし)
  • ねずみ(どし) => 子年(ねどし)
  • へび(どし) (somehow IME doesn’t suggest) => 巳年(みどし)
  • 辰年(たつどし) => This one is just as expected. Dragon = 龍 (りゅう / たつ; also 竜).

There are also other unspoken ones, like 午年(うまどし) (the year I think I am born in), and 戌年(いぬどし).


Mmm, one of the more common of the kanji-for-loanwords words. Reminded me of 硝子のハンマー, which is a pretty good locked-room mystery by the author of 新世界より.


Sorry of the off-topic, I should probably make a different thread, but would you say that this is a light novel then?
image. image
I immediately thought “light novel” and “romance”, but judging from the blurb and reviews it’s probably none of those things…


Interesting, never seen it until now.

In the video it also appeared in the title of a book: 硝子の塔のなんとか :sweat_smile:

Yep, exactly my impression. I guess we need you to read them now, in order to find out :grin:


Mmm, that’s not quite the ‘light novel’ style of anime art but it’s still kinda anime-ish. Maybe they just wanted to stand out a bit in the bookshops compared to other stuff with more ‘sober’ covers? Or the author liked the cover art for a previous book and wanted the same artist again, or some other random reason. :person_shrugging:


The only true way to know for sure :rofl:

Good points, random reasons like that need to also be taken into account.

I made a separate thread on the matter so as to stop being so off-topic here. :grin:


Well, “common” is relative :slight_smile: Other than the odd book title, I think it can show up in fantasy settings where the author wants to downplay the modern feeling that ガラス might give – jpdb lists 400 books with 硝子, including Spice & Wolf; and of course it’s more likely in older texts. I think it’s usually furiganaed when I’ve seen it.


Day 3 of Japanese horror movies!

Last night’s watching was: 着信アリ or “One Missed Call” as the English title. I think this is probably one of the few instances were I think the English title is better, it sounds more foreboding. I’ve heard of this one but never seen it, think I saw the American remake but I hardly remember anything about it, so it was probably like most American remakes of movies - the original is way, way better.

This one was like リング but jacked up on caffeine, instead of a seven day period from curse exposure to death, this one is two, and you get to know the exact date and time as well as your last words. Fun premise, and the movie does make good use of the knowing that you know this but then subverting your expectations.
Definitely the one with the most creepy scenes so far (there was some very cool creepy scenes) and the most violent. I enjoyed this one, it felt a bit more slasher/movie monster-esque and not quite as ‘serious’, but still fun to watch. I have to say I do love this era of Japanese media, the late 90s to early 00s had some really cool horror films and games (and many other medias outside the genre).

The main lead was good too, she felt pretty genuine plus she spoke clearly which my ears very much appreciated. No grumpy ex-husband man in this one since mostly everyone is a uni student, but there was an older guy who acted as the lead’s support character and thankfully he didn’t mumble and talked pretty clear too.

It got pretty whacky near the end though, as each section of the film tried to outdo the previous. It was plot twist after plot twist so it felt like an over encumbered , lopsided plot twist sandwich, but it was still fun to watch if you didn’t think too much and about how things didn’t make much sense anymore.

I feel like I’ve been talking more about how I’ve enjoyed these films so far rather than how much they’ve been helping me listen to Japanese :thinking:
I think this is really good listening practice though. Before when I tried to watch things with the sole purpose of learning from listening it felt like I was having a hard time and not really learning much, because I was so focused on trying to learn. I feel since I’m distracted by enjoying the film I’m not concentrating on listening to every word so it goes in and I understand it better.
this feels like I’m just trying to convince myself that I should just watch more movies :laughing:

I think this has been the easiest one to understand so far, everyone spoke pretty clear, there was just the one hip cool dude character guy who used a lot of lingo that I didn’t understand.


When you can understand the mumbly guys I’m pretty sure you can say with full confidence that you perfectly understand Japanese.


:snowflake: Day 5, 5th of January :snowflake:

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Decided to re-listen to the Teppei episode (#5) that was a bit confusing before. Went a bit better today, it seems I got confused by him trying to explain something by using different ways to describe it. Still had to use the pause function along with re-listening to passages liberally to understand some things.

Topic was Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. He talked about how Hiragana and Katakana were pretty okay, but Kanji was difficult (using different ways to say “something is difficult”). But for a person that knows Chinese, Kanji would be very easy and that’s something one could be jealous of.

It’s really neat to see how much information I can actually get out of these episodes. Last challenge I was very frustrated all the time and even wanted to not join the listening challenge again, but I’m glad I stuck with it. Even something small like this feels like I’ve overcome a huge mountain.