🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Winter 2023 ❄ 🧤

Mar 7, Tue of Week 11 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

新完全マスター聴解 日本語能力試験 N2 Ch.3/3 条件に合う情報を聞き取る.

夏へのトンネル、さよならの出口 Ch.3/1. Also reading afterwards, which I cannot tolerate as long as reading. One more track to go, for listening-reading.

Gotta figure out what to listen to next, but today I don’t have much convenience for audio-“visual”. Perhaps I want some more formal or business Japanese, for working life?


Maybe you could practice with the Japanese Ted talk videos? Playlist link

I remember more of them having real subtitles (not auto-gen) but looking now it’s pretty hit or miss. Worth a try, though, with the ones that have actual CCs.


March 5 :film_strip:

Two episodes of Mononoke. Nice to be able to watch them in good quality at last. As I remembered, there are long silences and somewhat pompous speaking style, so maybe not great for listening practice, but I did catch more than I expected.

March 6 :heavy_multiplication_x: :

March 7 :film_strip:

The first 40 minutes of Drive My Car. Surprisingly understandable. So far the voices are clear for the most part, and just at the right speed for me. That said, so far it’s been very slow and somewhat depressing. And there’s already been so much sex - this is a Murakami story after all . When opening credits finally started rolling -at 40 minutes!- it was time for me to stop for the day.


Mar 8, Wed of Week 11 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

新完全マスター聴解 日本語能力試験 N2 Ch.3/4 条件を聞き取って整理する. A little heavy on me today.

夏へのトンネル、さよならの出口 Ch.3/2 first half. But read to finish Ch.3, so now I would call it a day for listening. I also think I would conclude the series now.

夢十夜 Night 1. Also read afterwards, it’s quite short. Actually for this very short length, I can read first and listen later, but my understanding is too blurry either way. It might be wiser to take 1 night per day, repeating if need be. Not that I wouldn’t read a little ahead.


March 8 :headphones: :film_strip:

Today I listened to the first three dreams from 夢十夜 while reading along with the text (and I relistened to one of them without text). The first and third story were easier and listening went well, with barely any pauses. The second story I had to pause constantly, and then reread slowly in order to try and make sense of it.

And I continued watching Drive My Car. Still slow, still fairly understandable. I’ve watched nearly to halfway (it’s almost three hours).


Mar 9, Thu of Week 11 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

国語文法 playlist on Youtube [1-4/50]. I can find websites regarding that too, but I would start with watching lectures first, gauging what to expect.

Then, I listened to some radio drama tracks, around 20 min perhaps. I still prefer longer ones, so audiobooks.

I have to be careful of my attention. I still have urgent non-Japanese assignments. Not as straightforward as fill-in-the-blank or MCQ, as I need to self-study, analyze and write.


Hey guys, didn’t find a “Short listening question thread”, so I hope it’s okay I’m asking here :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble identifying what is said in the last part of the recording c) on this page:

Here is my transcript for the whole thing, please correct me if there are any mistakes, and I hope someone can enlighten me on what is said where I wrote “???”






The pronunciation of the g in にぎやか is probably what’s throwing you off here. Some more info:


Yes!! I was definitely hearing “ににや” and was confused, that explains a lot
Thanks Myria and @polv !


Mar 10, Fri of Week 11 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

新完全マスター聴解 日本語能力試験 N2 Ch.4/1 話し手の意図を考えて、必要な情報かどうかを判断する.

Age 6 student’s story, from sleepy tanuki’s thread. Also reading posture.

夢十夜 Night 1-3, from omk-san in book club thread. Having text helps. At least after listening, I want to re-read.

国語文法 [5-6/50] – 単語. Comparative much easier to listen than dreams.

残月記 : そして月がふりかえる [1-2/12]. Total 55 tracks including other short stories. At least the tracks aren’t crazily long.


Last night I watched the 2nd episode of スケバン刑事 :yo-yo:

So much cheese, overacting, moody camera angles and lighting, excessively loud sound effects for emphasis - this show delivers the goods, also that outro song is a complete banger.

This time we have a motorbike scene (were it seems that they only had permission to use a small section of highway so they just do the same thing from different angles with epic music, but who cares, motorbike scenes are cool), and the main character pulls up in front of school, parking it at an angle for additional cool factor, removes her helmet and swivels her perfectly kept hair despite it being mushed inside a tight helmet, and stares with intent to do some learning… ultimate かっこいい

But she doesn’t do any learning, she instead proceeds to get attached by random classmates and she beats them all up, that is until the (who I presume is) headteacher guy comes in with a bamboo stick swinging it round and nearly belting some students in the face with it :laughing:

It seems she has become the target of a setup (and yes, there is dramatic music here)

This episode was pretty confusing at first, to make myself feel better about my learning I try to tell myself that it’s because of the randomly cut scenes all mashed together rather than my Japanese listening abilities, but…

I especially like that when the bad guys meet their comeuppance just the mere sight of the yo-yo of doom strikes fear in their hearts (and the overly loud leather squeaks as she puts on the gloves so that we know that they are indeed real leather gloves, not imitations, and that she means business).

Sadly, this channel only has the first two episodes of this show, it doesn’t seem like they upload very often so I’m not sure when (or if) there’ll be more episodes. It also took me about as long to watch these two episodes as it did to watch the Kamen Rider show, I guess without the pressure of a subscription running out I get a little lazy. I shall continue to scour YouTube for more whacky fun shows that time may have forgotten about but the good old YT-algorithm hasn’t (and indeed, there are some interesting things popping up in my recommendations now thanks to watching these two episodes)


Mar 11, Sat of Week 11 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

残月記 : そして月がふりかえる [3/12]. Something omnious. I also read along (ahead), but I would track in the thread. Somehow, Bookwalker’s ahead is less than new chapter mark.

夢十夜 Night 4. Listening before reading. Sounds fun. Previous night too.


Mar 12, Sun of Week 11 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

夢十夜 Night 5.

残月記 : そして月がふりかえる Ch.3 [4-5/12]. Something weird happening.

国語文法 [7-9/50] – 文節の働き.


Mar 13, Mon of Week 12 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

夢十夜 Night 6.

残月記 : そして月がふりかえる Ch.4 [6/12].

国語文法 [10-11/50] – 文節の働き.

新完全マスター聴解 日本語能力試験 N2 Ch.4/2 言い換えに注意する.


I listened to the complete Beginner Japanese playlist of Comprehensible Input at 1.5X speed. Most of them I understood 95-100 % while the old-time stories or the one with the names of the sign I understood maybe 80% or so (without subs). I will continue with the intermediate ones before diving back into regular intermediate-level podcasts because I have been feeling like while I have improved from December to February, I have hit a plateau.


Summary post

In usual style, I signed up for one of these and then proceeded to totally drop off the face of the earth, haha. But the listening is going pretty well for me so far! Haven’t missed a day yet with either Spanish or Japanese.

I have translated, uh, approximately a billion wrestling things over the past couple weeks. Besides the two shows I talked about in my last post in the read every day challenge thread, I finished translating the February 22 press conference (part 1 and part 2), the February 25 show, the March 2 press conference (part 1 and part 2), and the March 6 show, which is called “The Night Before Grand Princess '23” but which thankfully was not the actual night before Grand Princess, or there’s no way I would have finished translating it in time, haha.

My translation speed is about 600 characters per hour (including the initial draft, watching the video, asking questions in the pro wrestling thread here, and implementing edits and doing the final polishing), so just for fun, I estimated how much time just the February translations took me, and it came out to be about, uh, 37 hours total :sweat_smile:.

I did have one small listening comprehension breakthrough with the first press conference. I was totally confused by one line in the transcript, then when I actually listened to the presser, I realized that Mizuki had said 可能性 instead of 試合 (which is what the transcript had), which made a lot more sense. I’m always really happy when my listening comprehension is good enough that I can problem-solve stuff like that on my own.

Instead of sharing a photo from one of the shows or pressers that I translated, I’m gonna share one of the promotional images they put together for Grand Princess! I truly think the poster design person has outdone themself here:

I learned when I saw this poster that 熊猫(くまねこ) is another word for panda, which made the team of Haruna Neko & Andreza Giant Panda make a lot more sense haha, because it’s actually a pun! 猫熊猫

I’m really excited about the show, though I’m also bracing myself for a heavy translation workload because it’s TJPW’s biggest show of the year :sweat_smile:.

If anyone in this thread is looking for something a little different for listening practice, TJPW uploaded Yuka Sakazaki vs Mizuki from October 7, 2020 to youtube (here’s the live translation thread for it for a bit of additional context, and the post-match comments translation if your listening isn’t quite up to the task. Also, I probably should clarify that these translations are the work of my predecessor Mr. Haku, not me!). The video will only be up until the 17th, so you only have a few days to watch the match for free, but it’s a good one! This is, in my opinion, the best match TJPW has ever done thus far. It really felt like it took the entire company to an entire new level. They’re going to be reprising this match at Grand Princess.

I’m currently trying to finish a short essay about Mizuki and Yuka’s story over the past few years so that people have more context for their upcoming match, since there was a good chunk in the middle there (from the end of 2021 through most of 2022) where a lot of the story was getting a bit lost on the English-speaking fanbase, since I was doing my translations but had yet to take them public (well, they’ve always been public on this forum, haha, but I doubt many fans have found them here).

It’s kind of a strange experience citing my own translations, but, well, helping other folks understand the stories is why I’m doing this!


Mar 14, Tue of Week 12 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

夢十夜 Night 7.

残月記 : そして月がふりかえる Ch.5 [7/12].

国語文法 [12/50] – 連文節.


Summary post

What’s this? An update so soon? I guess it’s happening now because I anticipate being busy from the 18th onward, haha. This is the calm before the storm…

I finished my essay on Mizuki and Yuka Sakazaki’s story! It ties together a bunch of story threads from the past few years, pulling highlights from stuff Mr. Haku translated, and then a bunch of stuff that I translated after I took over with the translation in an unofficial capacity. I think it covers enough ground to be fairly accessible to non-fans, so I figured I might as well link it, haha.

During this current wrestling lull, I tried out Language Reactor with the new season of Aggretsuko! Nothing major happens in this screencap, but I’ll spoil it just in case:

Hey, I know that word!

Here’s TJPW wrestler Yuki Arai’s かかと落とし, which she named Finally (yes, in English), after the name of one of her SKE48 songs.

So far, Language Reactor seems pretty neat! It can be a little bit overwhelming, but it’s definitely helping me get more out of my listening practice with Japanese while I’m still not at a point where I can watch unsubtitled anime.

Some part of me wants to try it with Spanish, but I’m having a pretty good time watching Bob Esponja without any subtitles right now, so maybe if I get tired of that show or want something a little more challenging, I’ll give it a go.


Mar 15, Wed of Week 12 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

夢十夜 Night 7-8. I didn’t read 7 yesterday, so decided to re-listen, and read 7-8.

残月記 : そして月がふりかえる Ch.6 [8/12].

After that, just Japanese songs from that thread. I stopped paying for Spotify a while ago, but I still pay for Youtube Premium (+Music). Youtube news seem doable, sometimes have transcript in description; but I am not particularly interested in them.