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:snowflake: Day 18, 18th of January :snowflake:

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Once again tried the new method of listening to Teppen. Episode #15 was about the weather and rather easy to understand because I already knew enough of the words.

Also some talk about the different weather patterns in the different regions of Japan. I can never remember what they’re all called, so maybe I should write them down.

  • 北海道 Hokkaidō - has the Kanji for North in it, and sure enough, it’s the northernmost region of Japan!
  • 東北地方 Tōhoku - Kanji for East and North, so the region to the northeast of Japan.
  • 関東地方 Kantō - Kanji for East, so the easternmost region of Japan.
  • 中部地方 Chūbu - Kanji for Middle, which isn’t very helpful, considering you can see how it reaches further north on a map.
  • 関西地方 Kansai - Kanji for West, well, I guess technically it is? It is located west of the regions of Japan that have east in their name, but there’s still a ways to go.
  • 中国地方 Chūgoku - Kanji for Middle, when we already had both east and west to the right of it. Ridiculous.
  • 四国 Shikoku - Refers to the four provinces on that island. Easy to remember.
  • 九州 Kyūshū - Refers to the really long tail of islands. Apparently there are nine parts.
  • 沖縄県 Okinawa - ??? don’t know these yet, no mnemonic.