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January 13 :headphones:

Today I retried the first file from the かがみの孤城 audiobook while I was out. I understood a good amount, certainly more than before, but my attention still started to drift after a while.


More relistening to audiobooks today.
I downloaded the audiobooks for #真相をお話しします and 俺ではない炎上 last night as possible travel listening, but I think I’ll make sure I have some other books I’ve already listened to as backup. I’m a little leery of 俺ではない炎上 in particular because the plot sounds very much like #ある朝殺人犯になっていた which I didn’t care much for, but this book came up so much in book review videos I decided I’d give it a try. We’ll see.

edit: Sorry @NicoleRauch I accidentally quoted you and don’t know how to undo it replying to you!


Today, a bit more of the Holotalk episode from the last post, but not much.


:headphones: :desktop_computer: :sound: :snowflake: January 13

Weird day so didn’t even Teppei today, woops. I did play BU$TAFELLOWS for about 30 min at least.


January 13th!

Today I had a lesson with my tutor, and also watched 2 episodes of Cells at Work (With English Subs)

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Jan 14, Sat of Week 3 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

So-matome N3 Listening Ch.2 [6/6], which is a big summary series of quizzes.

君の膵臓をたべたい Ch.5 [3/4]. A quarrel because of you-know-what reason.

かがみの孤城 is now back to March [4/10], but now I also peeked at the 下 text, which is now 51%. Revisiting こころ’s horror, of being the only survivor.

jpdb.io now has 10.7k new items remaining. It’s pretty much impossible for me to just immediately cut down, but maybe I don’t need to worry about the amount too much for now.

I watched JLPT N2 grammar series from 日本語と旅 on ~にしろ ~にしろ, ~というか ~というか, ~やら ~やら (~やら)+. In any case, my focus right now is comprehension, where building blocks are grammar and vocabularies. I would need to revisit N3 and below for production later. Vocabularies and jpdb.io is also more focused on listening, rather than reading (which is also in some ways challenging, but I can’t just ignore Kanji completely).


Day 13 - Onomappu video which I once again watched 3 times - no subtitles, Japanese subtitles, English subtitles in that order. Other than that I went down a weird music rabbit hole on YouTube while I was working including this and this, before culminating with this… which I Iisten to on Spotify quite often anyway to be honest…

Day 14 - I tried an episode of 犬と猫 without subtitles as an experience. I had a class with my teacher, and listened to Teppei 9&10.

Episode #10 - “Do you like drinking alcohol?”
Me, planning to go out drinking tonight: “I feel a bit called out by this.”


Return of the moviessss!

I didn’t get chance last weekend, but last night I watched バトル・ロワイアル (2000), I’ve read the book (in English) before and noticed that it was on Freevee so gave it a watch.

After hearing a lot about how great the book was I decided to read it and I found that… I didn’t like it very much :rofl:

It was a cool enough concept: a bunch of high schoolers put on an island as part of a gameshow, were they all have to kill each other with a variety of random weapons given to them until only one is left (out of a class of about 50), they have exploding collars and the island is slowly closed off in danger zones so they can’t just stand around and hide, and the whole point of this is… because Japan has become super violent with crime, so to suppress violent tendencies they make young people murder each other… :thinking: everything makes less sense the more you think about it but even if you don’t think and just enjoy I found there was so much artificial tension from characters being stupid for the purpose to move the plot forward that I found it awkward to get through.

I found the movie suffered from exactly the same as the book. Since you know the protag has to survive at least toward the end, and that all the other 40 or so characters must die (and the protag is the “I must save everyone” type), it feels a bit by the numbers until you reach the final section. At least the antagonists aren’t as ridiculous in the film, by contrast they seem more subdued (aka in the book, machine guns have infinite ammo and can be reloaded in a second, the antagonist guy can magically know what all 50ish students are doing, where they are, how they will react to every situation because he is just that smart and has super brain powers, body armour is impenetrable and can stop 10,000 bullets but not when it isn’t required to do so, hence extremely thick PLOT ARMOUR)

I feel I may be missing something, since it gets a lot of praise, but I just didn’t think it was very good.

Anyway, what was good, was that with 60+ (including additional characters) people talking Japanese in their own unique ways is very good practice in trying to understand different intonations and all that. Though it does have Takeshi Kitano, who I recognise from Yakuza 6, and to understand him you need S+ Rank Japanese listening ability. I did not understand him one bit. I don’t understand how he talks.

I had a look around on Freevee, there’s a few others movies so I’ll give them a watch when I get the chance, as well as a TV series cooking show, I’ll have a look into that at some point. Might be a bit easier to watch an episode of that more often over staying up late to watch movies when it isn’t ideal to do so.


January 14th!

Toda I had a lesson with my tutor. We talked about a lot of different things and then practised using 〜んだ correctly since its one of those things that I understand when I read it, but I’m not very good at using myself yet.

I also listened to episode 105 of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners.

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:snowflake: Day 14, 14th of January :snowflake:

:headphones: Back to my Home Post

Some more Teppen (#12 and #13). Something about Japanese essays being difficult to read because of the many unknown vocabulary? And in the next about how the manga and anime of the same thing is different. At least that’s what I got from these episodes. Still mostly relying on transcription, but I’ve mostly stopped using translations.


My understanding of it comes from watching beforehand since I can only understand very very little of the actual spoke Japanese at the moment but I love it so much I can see myself rewatching when my level improves.


January 14 :heavy_multiplication_x:

January 15 :arrow_forward: :film_strip:

I didn’t listen to anything yesterday :see_no_evil:

To make up for it, I’ve watched three book videos today, and will definitely also watch a couple of Alice in Borderland episodes later.

A fun quiz on physical book terminology:

Six books with ヤバい main characters (uncertain how to translate ヤバい, so leaving it as is):

And a presentation of the nominees for the 166th Akutagawa Prize:

I wonder why the books she’s reading from are totally different to the books she’s presenting. :thinking:
Out of the nominees, from the description I’d probably be most interested in 皆のあらばしり, but apparently it’s all dialogue (dialect included), so I’d probably not understand much. :sweat_smile: Dialogue is definitely my weakest point right now. Dialogue and listening of course.

How much I understood out of the above videos? The answer is…some. :joy:

Not that I wasn’t suspecting something like that, but hey, spoilers! :eyes: :slight_smile:

Yay, return of the moviessss! I remember enjoying バトル・ロワイアル many many years ago, in a “wow, Japanese movies can be very weird” kind of way. :joy: I’ve watched many Kitano movies too, and I like him a lot, but it was all in my pre-Japanese-learning days. I guess I should probably retry him, see if I have any hope of understanding anything.


Jan 15, Sun of Week 3 of Winter Q1 2023 :snowman::snowflake:

君の膵臓をたべたい Ch.5 [4/4]. Back to hosp.

かがみの孤城 March [5/10]. The text helps a lot, that I didn’t notice before that isn’t not … .

日本語と旅 on ~につけて, ~に応じて.


Finished season 2 of 今際の国のアリス.

I used the show for passive listening, so basically I only stopped and listened a couple of times when I didn’t understand what was going on - that was mostly during explanations for some of the games and some, let’s say more philosophical conversations where the vocabulary was too advanced for me.

But mostly I could understand what was going on during the majority of the show. It was a fun watch! :smile:


Huh, I was about to post that I just finished it too - and didn’t like it. I watched for the games (the strategies and moral decisions more than the outcome) and the mystery of that world. Towards the end it got all action and romance, the two genres that bore me to death. And I’m not sure I’m satisfied with the explanation either.
I watched with English subtitles, trying to rely on them as little as possible. It was fine much of the time, but the lengthy speeches and game explanations I had no hope to follow on my own.


For me it was a fun experience, was watching it with Japanese subtitles and I tried to practice my reading speed and listening as well, so I would say it was very beneficial on that part :blush:
But I totally get your point, especially regarding the ending… :sweat_smile:
In my opinion, the mystery of the world was more fun in the beginning and it challenged the characters more, I felt like the stakes were not that high as we were advanced more towards the ending.


Didn’t watch anything Japanese last night but had a look at what was available, and there was some samurai movie that I’ve never heard of, so I’ll watch that tonight! I have no idea what to expect, but should be fun.

Today I watched/listened to からめる’s new マタタビムービーラボ video:

It’s been awhile since a long からめる vid, and I forgot how fast he talks. I get so left behind, so quickly. But I managed to understand the sushi section, I’m not sure how I know the sushi names but I must have absorbed sushi knowledge at some point without realising it. :sushi:
thank you brain

I went in to it thinking I would, since I usually enjoy ridiculous and over-the-top stuff, but something didn’t quite work for me. And yeh, Kitano is great! He’s very recognisable in everything he is, and he brings a lot of character… I just wish I could understand what he’s saying :laughing:


January 15th!

Today I watched Your Name. I was watching with my husband so we had english subtitles.
When I had just decided to start learning Japanese, I saw Your Name and Weathering with You as a double feature in the cinema on January 15th and was really happy whenever I recognised a word. I wondered how much more I would understand if I watched it again a year later, and therefore a tradition was born :smile:
This was my fourth year of watching it, and I think I could have followed it pretty well without subs this year, though of course I owe part of that to my familiarity with it!

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Jan 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th update :melting_face:
very brief rundown for future prosperity

9th - 1 Nihongo con teppei episode
10th - first episode of The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague without subs. (already watched with eng subs once)
11th - 2 Nihongo con teppei episodes
12th - Listened to a yuyu podcast episode
13th - Half a yuyu podcast episode (I must of been tired that day because in my notes I state I may need to re-listen. :sweat_smile:)
14th - the notes in my journal say, and I quote “Listened to yuyu”
15th - Listened to a bunch of Nihongo con teppei today, mainly about foods you eat when its cold out. Also listened to a yuyu episode about bochi the rock.

Future things to think about:
I think it would be better for me to actually have a structure about what podcast episodes I listen to because right now its a very random mixture where I just click on an episode and go. I think I would get a better sense of progression going a more structured route.

Definitely want to stick it out with both of the podcasts I’m listening to because Its great understanding so much of what I’m listening to as opposed to anime.

Maybe want to try listening to some Letsplayers that I used to watch before in Japanese (mainly
兄者弟者 and 花江夏樹 ). Watching letsplayers often reminds me of when I was a kid so I find it really calming.

Also I feel like at the moment a lot of my listening Is just to tick boxes. I’m still not mad as its definitely building a habit. Also wish my notes where more comprehensive but that’s what I get for writing them just before bed :sleeping:


Thank you for the encouragement! I really just need to carve out some time to watch the video for the subs. I’m already happily listening along with whatever I’m picking up, so I guess that’s half of the battle.

looking through your posts here you seem to be doing well, Congrats on not having missed a day! :sparkles:

Honestly, this is me too. I’m always trying to do stuff that’s a bit over my level. I recently had to drop SpyxFamily because I decided it was just a bit too much above my level. And couldn’t justify slogging though dictionary look ups when I could read something easier, still look things up and learn new things but also still enjoy my self!

I do think its different with audio though (especially conversational). I’m ok with a lot more ambiguity. I guess it just depends how much you want to read/watch said thing. :grin:


So I started listening to 正欲 as I saw the audiobook was available on Audible and I had some credits piling up. It was on a bunch of ‘best of’ lists by booktubers and while I didn’t remember it sounding very interesting, I’ve previously had a friend recommend this author to me so I figured I’d at least give it a try.

Most of the way through chapter 1 and it strikes me as mildly philosophical and a touch too high for my listening skills right now. I’m almost there. So I decided to get the text and do what I did back in the beginning to improve my listening: read + listen, then listen again.

In case anyone is interested the cover looks like this

And here's the stuff from the description on Amazon

第19回 本屋大賞ノミネート!







And that translated by DeepL for anyone who'd like it

Nominated for the 19th Bookstore Grand Prize!
Winner of the 34th Shibata Renzaburo Award

There is no such thing in this world as feelings that should not exist.
In other words, there is no such thing as a person who should not exist in this world.

Keiki is a prosecutor whose son has stopped attending school.
Yaeko is a college student who has found love for the first time.
Natsuki is a contract worker with a secret.
Their lives overlap after the accidental death of a certain person.

However, this connection is terribly inconvenient in an "age that respects diversity.

"It feels good to be able to praise only the diversity you can imagine, and feel like you’re putting things in order.
That feels good, doesn’t it?

Is this a sympathetic masterpiece?
Or is it a problematic work that makes you want to turn away?

This is a black edition of a work commemorating the 10th anniversary of the artist’s life.
This is a spirited new long story that goes outside your imagination.