🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

Summary post

I’m back again for the off-month, after completing the read every day challenge!

I updated my original summary post with an additional chart for the month of September and a new listening plan for both languages :blush:. Once again, I’m going to try to do both Spanish and Japanese every day!

Honestly, it’s kind of amazing how much my listening has improved since June ended, despite the fact that I haven’t been doing much dedicated listening practice :sweat_smile: (well, I have been watching plenty of wrestling still, and that’s certainly not nothing).

On the first day of this new challenge, I watched one episode of La Casa de las Flores and watched a few Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling backstage interview clips that I was working on translating. In both Spanish and Japanese, my overall comprehension was markedly better than last time, which shocked me!

I guess it makes sense with Japanese, considering the amount of work I’ve been putting into these translations. I’m definitely better at following along with the text at a more natural speaking speed, and catching some parts of speech that weren’t perfectly transcribed.

These backstage interviews are not exactly the most ideal environment for listening comprehension, haha, because they’re often filmed in really echo-y hallways with a lot of background noise (you can often hear the entrance music for the next match, for example), and the wrestlers are often tired and/or excited and don’t speak the most polished sentences, but they’re fun to watch if you’re invested in the characters.

I’m especially enjoying the post-match interviews from TJPW’s last show on August 28, which was at Korakuen Hall and which had an all-women audience, who were allowed to cheer (their previous two all-women shows were much smaller and also were affected by coronavirus restrictions that prohibited cheering). The wrestlers were really, really excited to be performing in front of a crowd of all women, and it’s so much fun to see their delight in the videos of their comments :blush:.


I guess this is my end of challenge post! Thank you so much to everyone who participated, you all had great resources and it was fun to follow along with what you’ve been listening to. I definitely stole some of your ideas.

As for how I did, it was better than I thought, and actually a lot of fun! When I started the challenge I planned to use JLPT prep and NHK easy news, but after all of your suggestions, I actually found way better stuff that I enjoyed a lot more. Especially in these last few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of watching of japanese Netflix with Japanese subtitles, and it doesn’t feel at all like studying. I think since I’m interested in this stuff, it’ll be a lot easier to keep listening, and maybe one day I’ll be able to turn off the subtitles too lol (I’m not there yet, I’d say 75% of what I’m able to understand is because i can simultaneously read the subtitles) but in any case it feels like progress!

I may do another challenge in the fall, please look out for it in about a month or so. In the mean time, please keep posting here, if you want to!


Not gonna keep up with consecutive listening this month, but I may post every now and then whenever I find cute/fun stuff (at the whim of the YouTube algorithm or if I have withdrawal symptoms from ワンちゃん), and also so @rikaiwisdom doesn’t get lonely in this thread!

Today I got this: - YouTube

Autumn moon viewing with Clefairy - おつきみピッピ!

Clefairy will feature as a guest on the weather forecast on September 10th, this is great :laughing:


Cherry Magic is so good!!!

September 2 :blossom: Home Post

Just watched a bit of a let’s play today! Still working out time management a bit, but I’ll get there :muscle:


Sep 4, Sun of Week 10 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

I am now at HUNTER×HUNTER Ep.30. And also, I rushed reading manga Vol.4 to catch up.

My かぐや様は告らせたい S3 is at 1/3 of Ep.7. That’s not my actual amount of exposure, as I watched some of S2, when I don’t want to focus too much. I have watched S1 and S2 before, about 1 year ago, with EN sub; but I can’t remember as much as I thought. However, the thought of missing something from unwatched S3 stopped me from continuing to watch the series. I don’t want to miss some parts, especially when watching the first time.


Sep 5, Mon of Week 11 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022



HUNTER x HUNTERのアニメと漫画は、両方がし続けるつもりです。(今、Ep.31を観ました.)


Sep 7, Wed of Week 11 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

I found a way to put JP sub on some of my series. [1] Depending on the series, it can be a chore, as retiming might need to be done. Also I cannot find JP sub for some series.

Nonetheless, I can say that I couldn’t study transcript files well, but real-time sub would be no problem. I still feel that studying modes of watching with JP sub and without are a little different. There are pros-cons either way.

So for now, かぐや様は告らせたい now has JP sub, but HUNTER x HUNTER (1999) still doesn’t.



    • MKVToolNix mkvmerge
    • Aegisub
    • I can’t find a way to make it work on video streaming websites, for now.

So after about 3 weeks of inconsistency because I had to travel to Japan to start work and trying to settle in, I am finally caught up with my WaniKani reviews and will start to consistently listen again. But I have still been actively inputting through my Japanese Teacher of English during classes and in conversations trying to understand people.


Now that you’re in Japan, I highly recommend Japanese Netflix for listening practice! I started with pokemon, but they’ve got a lot.

I’m glad you’re settling in, don’t let the JTEs boss you around too much :grin:


Yes I rewatched an episode of Cherry Magic although only being able to understand 5% of a whole show is frustrating.

Im just assisting so I dont let anything get to me on the teaching side lol.


Sep 8, Thu of Week 11 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

It seems to be bad, or at least inefficient, for learning, to listen to something without understanding much. (Above some threshold, perhaps.) So, I put HUNTER x HUNTER (no sub) on hold for now. Also, I still need to catch up on reading manga version Vol.5. (Well, almost catched up.)

Most obvious thing about learning values would be vocabularies and Kanji…

I have another series to watch with JP sub – yurucamp S1. Comparing with かぐや様は告らせたい S3 (also with JP sub), I need to look up less vocab for the former. Anyway, I hope to finish the series, and Kaguya is at Ep.9 (of 13), and yurucamp is at Ep.3 (of 12); so Kaguya seems like a better choice.


The first episode of Pokemon is about 60% pokemon noises, so that’s pretty easy to understand :grin:

I watched Cherry Magic on repeat for the entirety of my recent quarantine, and now I understand about 95%, I’m practically fluent in the language of Cherry Magic. I find myself saying 魔法使い randomly in my dreams lol


OMG this is the best joke ive had all week!!!

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お月見ピッピ! 中秋の名月!

Think this is the longest I’ve listened to, an hour’s worth of Japanese talking about the moon (and the weather), but most importantly, the 'mon :durtle_yellow_rodent:

Words I picked up easily:
そう、そう、そうですよね、そう、そうそう、満月, そうそう、はい、はい、ピッピ

I think I did understand a bit more than I thought, so that’s good. Plus it was pretty chill and relaxing.
I can’t see the moon here yet, so no moon celebration just yet, but soon the moon will rise and then the dango eating will begin I wish I had dango, but まるいチョコ will have to suffice


Sep 11, Sun of Week 11 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Even so, I returned to watching HUNTER x HUNTER (1999) without subs (now at Ep.35). It isn’t exactly impossible, but I need to try my best to listen carefully.

yurucamp S1 Ep.3-4 aren’t particularly difficult with JP subs, so I feel I can truly half-read and half-listen. (i.e. I can feel the difficulty of listening itself, more.)

Kaguya S3 (now at Ep.10) is a little different. I feel it is on hard side (but perhaps not really, if I know enough vocabularies), so I feel I read more than listened. Vocabulary-wise, perhaps https://jpdb.io comes to rescue? [1]

    • Nonetheless, jpdb doesn’t have a vocabulary list for HUNTER x HUNTER (1999). Also jpdb doesn’t cover manga.
    • I saw https://koohi.cafe but it doesn’t have enough manga series, it seems.

Sep 13, Tue of Week 12 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

I rewatched HUNTER x HUNTER (1999) Ep.1-2, tried without sub first; then compare with EN sub… I think it is bad use translated sub as a beginner (but might be OK as an advanced). Also I didn’t miss much by listening alone, but what was difficult to listen and understand, remains difficult to listen and understand…

Maybe because I studied this one without JP sub, I am not sure if I improve from the first time I watched them.

I watched an episode of かぐや様は告らせたい S3 just now. It took almost 5 hours; half because I rewinded a lot to listen carefully; another half is because I took a lot of reaction screenshots (it’s hard to pause just at the right seconds). This series might a good one to rewatch, also with divisible episodes (10-min each); because I remember the contents of both manga and watched anime episodes well, so for fun and I want to capture the joke as fast as natives.


Sep 16, Fri of Week 12 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

I watched かぐや様は告らせたい S3 to the end. I wasn’t slacking off on looking up, though; just took enough time. Well, I was curious to how anime adaptation would be, and I knew far after that. For the manga, I recently got my hand on Vol.26. It’s close to ideal, although a rough road, I think.

HUNTER x HUNTER (1999) would probably continue to be important for me, as I read the manga beyond what I watched right now (Ep.37), but there are not only occasional differences, but sometimes new parts altogether.

Also, I would have to find another series with JP sub. An obvious one would be probably be Yuru Camp.

I saw a pitch accent trainer website. I can try, but I am not sure if training would be my listening turning point… (Although I believe it should help for speaking, which I rarely do.)


I don’t think a pitch accent site (pretty sure I know the one you’re talking about) would help with parsing words, but something like SuperNative might if you won’t to mix in more focused short-burst type study.


Have you tried it yourself? With only one very general home screen and a sign me up button, I’d hate to give any of my details without knowing what I would be getting in return or what I would be expected to pay (if anything) further down the road.

Edit: I read a little more about it on Reddit and decided to give it a try. Apparently the front page is so bare because the creators are not maintaining it any more, they’re just keeping it running. I tried an exercise where you’re played a very short clip from what I assume to be a broad selection of actual Japanese media, then you see the sentence you heard written down, and you need to fill in one missing word to test your understanding and recall. Looks fun and promising, at least if the difficulty increases, because the first few clips were incredibly easy even for my own limited listening abilities.

Edit2: The difficulty does increase, and I’m loving the variety and the immediate feedback. This is really good for some brief but focused listening practice. Thanks for the recommendation, @pocketcat!