🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

I’m just checking in to say that I have been listening to things but mostly re-listening to things or listening to creators I’ve already mentioned so opting to not post daily. I’m lately not in a mood for ‘new’. Also stopped watching Masquerade Hotel because it got to a scene / series of scenes I’d already watched and I just hate it so much and don’t want to rewatch it.
Doesn’t spoil the mystery at all, but all the same: Basically the main detective, acting as a front desk worker, gets treated terribly and rudely by a customer for an extender period of time. I did my years in customer service and have dealt with such people and as a result I was dying inside watching it the first time and don’t want to watch it again :see_no_evil:


August 24 :blossom: Home Post

Mostly an in-class listening day today, though I snuck in a bit of a let’s play too. Still settling into being busy again but I’m getting there!


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Day LXV: チェンジ・ザ・ワールド!! :earth_asia:

I managed to find the videos again on the NHK website
(it wasn’t really that difficult, I was just being lazy yesterday)

But this was in the arts and crafts section, this one is all about making things with stuff you find in nature :fallen_leaf:
there is every kind of stick emoji imaginable, yet there’s not a actual stick stick


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Week 9


  • 三本塾 grammar video.

Linking for the curious:

That’s an interesting grammar point, I don’t think I’ve seen it. Now I’m sure I’ll see it everywhere.


August 25th!

Another tiny listening day today, work has been crazy busy lately so I’m kind of wiped out most evenings - but also I went to see a play this evening so I had less time than usual.
I listened to Episode 51 of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners.
I also listened to some Japanese music today, but that was pretty passive as I was doing a lot of other stuff at the same time!

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Aug 26, Fri of Week 9 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

I am now at HUNTER×HUNTER Ep.21, but indeed Ep.19-21 isn’t in manga Vol.3.

About consistency thing, I missed out on Wednesday, listening and watching for only about 10 minutes.

I started watching かぐや様は告らせたい S3 Ep.1-2 (no sub), where remember the manga well even if I haven’t read for months. I also have subtitle files, so I broke it down into flashcards in mochi.cards (via API and programming, which I have to pay 5 USD (per month) first, but at least I don’t have to deal with Anki’s full-sync on new fields and desktop-Android differences. Also, mochi.cards’s website works similar to apps, but Yomichan-enabled.) (So, @anon87128043, if you want to know. A little complex for your needs, I think.) The flashcards don’t have translation on the back-side, because I don’t have English transcripts yet. (Nor do I need the translation.)

I also read about ~まい, which is N2 (searched via Bunpro), but who cares – it is required for reading and listening. They are made into sentence flashcards, with English translation and explanation.

In any case, I want to quickly learn how to translate (and understand) well first, rather than flawless production.


Yeah thanks for letting me know

August 25 :blossom: Home Post

I got caught up doing other things so we’re counting some bare minimum today; one of my professors spoke in Japanese for a bit and I understood the vast majority of it so yay! Hopefully with weekend coming up I can get some more substantial stuff in, but I’ll take what I can get :man_shrugging:


:headphones: Main Station :beach_umbrella:

Since my last update, I’ve watched a couple more Daily Japanese with Naoko videos, including one aimed at speaking practice (getting pumped for September’s speaking/writing challenge :triumph:).

The last few days I’ve mostly been focusing on Satori Reader. My usual pattern is 1) listen only 1 or 2 times; 2) listen while reading the text; 3) read the text and add any new words to the site’s flashcard system. I’ve run into a few instances where I don’t understand something the narrator said in step 1, only to get to step 2, see what they’re saying, and understand. :disappointed: I think that’s what’s most frustrating for me sometimes: not picking up on words I clearly know (as well as having my brain go, “I know that!” and not pay attention to what comes next). It’s good to be aware of, though I don’t know a solution to it other than, “keep listening.” Then again, maybe I don’t need to make it any more complicated than that (not one of my better traits, anyway).

For those looking to do some light speaking practice:


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Day LXVI: 音楽 :musical_score:

NHK video, all about POWERFUL music and how it works.


August 26th!

Today I had a class with one of my tutors, with lots of conversation practise but also a listening exercise where I had to listen to a conversation and then answer comprehension questions about it.

I also listened to an episode of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners.

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Yesterday I binged a Netflix show about a guy who developed the ability to read minds because he was still a virgin at 30. Very campy and stupid, but fun. 7 hours later, I had watched the whole thing and I wasn’t even tired from consuming only Japanese the whole time (I had Japanese subtitles on)


August 26 :blossom: Home Post

I had class today so lots of listening (and speaking!) practice; it’s nice to have some more structured learning sometimes :grin:


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Day LXVII: Illegal Chopstick Manoeuvres :chopsticks:

NHK school vid, all about what you shouldn’t do with your chopsticks! :chopsticks:

Also played some Yakuza 6


August 27th!

I had a class with one of my tutors this morning where we did half an hour of free talk and then half an hour of grammar and reading.

I also watched the first 3 episodes of Season 3 of Teasing Master Takagi-san.

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Week 9


  • さくら通信「ひきこもり」


  • さくら通信「選挙」

Finally started さくら通信 and I have to say, this thing is super fun to listen to. I haven’t learnt their names yet, but the one that is not さくらさん has a very natural and contagious laugh. They’re so silly and seem to be having a great time. It’s definitely hard for me and I also was listening to them while collecting resources on FFXIV so I wasn’t paying 100% attention, more like 70 or 80%. But still, I think I’ll listen to this one much more cause out of all the podcasts I have it’s probably one of the most entertaining.


August 27 :blossom: Home Post

Today I watched part of Orochi for one of my classes, which admittedly had English subtitles but I picked up a lot of extra information from the audio! It’s all like samurai speech so it was cool to get stuff like that :grin:


I have mostly been watching youtube channels I’ve already mentioned and relistening to audiobooks, but today I started the first episode of 古畑任三郎, a 90s detective drama recommended to me by a friend. I’m around 30 minutes in and I’m liking it so far. It’s funny how old shows from other cultures can have a nostalgic feel despite never having seen it before and being so different culturally. I had the same feeling reading 江戸川乱歩 for the first time.

On a tangentially related note, I feel like the early 2000s were a dead zone for media in America and that’s sort of how Japanese shows from that era feel to me too. Y2K just messed with the groove of things I guess.


August 28th!

I was out and about for most of the day today, but still managed to squeeze in a tony bit of listening - just one episode of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners.

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Day LXVIII: おいしい :carrot:

NHK Vid, how to make fried vegetables! I shouldn’t watch food videos before bedtime.

Also watched more Pokemon episodes today than a human adult probably should do.
:zap: :zap: