🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

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So far, I’ve managed to listen to something every single day this month. I tried some more episodes of Sayuri Saying, this time just clicking on random episodes that fit in with how much time I had on hand. That method seems to work better for me, so I’ll probably stick with it when using that podcast as my resource.

I also watched the first part of Flavors of Youth on Netflix. It’s a co-production between two animation studios, one Japanese and the other Chinese. I tried so hard not to look at the Japanese subtitles, but it was practically impossible for me to understand without them. There’s very little dialogue, but most of the story is told with narration. It felt like listening to an audiobook, and I was wholly unprepared for that. I’ll likely go back and watch the rest of it sometime this weekend.

Today, I watched two things, both on YouTube: 三本塾’s episode on 「もの」and a vlog from Daily Japanese with Naoko. I’ve been subscribed to 三本塾 for a while now, but unfortunately he’s one of several Japanese YouTubers I subscribe to thinking, “I’m gonna watch all of their stuff!” and then proceed to not follow through… :sweat_smile: I quite like his style of explaining. I’ve been wondering for some time what the nuance with もの is, and I think he does a good job of highlighting how it’s used.

Daily Japanese with Naoko was a new find for me. I saw her video on the sidebar and decided to click on it. I really like her voice! I also love how explanations for what she’s saying pop up on the screen as she goes, plus she has hard Japanese subs. I spent most of the time just looking at her while she spoke, so even though the subs are there, I don’t think they’re distracting if you want to practice listening without them.

I don’t know how the rest of her videos are, but I did end up subscribing to her. I’ll try to make more of an effort to go through the Japanese YouTubers I follow. With how often I’m on that dang website, I might as well get more listening practice in. :sweat_smile:


August 18th!

I watched The Bite size Japanese Podcast - Episode 2 today. I had subtitles on (in Japanese) but was able to mostly understand without looking at them which was exciting for me :slight_smile:

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Week 8


  • YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト , ep 2.


  • あの人の毎日 , ep 1.
  • The video of the doggo onsen posted.
  • The video from Daily Japanese with Naoko posted by @softlyraining .

Okay so I started this new podcast, あの人の毎日 , about… domestic chores :joy: . Hear me out. I was browsing new podcasts to see if anything caught my eye, and I discovered this one that seems to be about, well, housework. Not the most interesting topic, but I thought it would be laid back and nice. And indeed it was! The host talks really nicely, chill atmosphere and chill jazz piano in the background. The episodes are around 15 to 30 minutes usually so seems like the perfect time length to listen from start to end without pause. Overall a nice discovery that adds variety when I don’t feel like listening to many of them, it’s good to have more options. Also hope to learn a few tricks here and there and become the ultimate housework master :sunglasses: .

Indeed. I opened it out of curiosity… instantly hooked. :joy:

Same! That was a nice discovery, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

I suppose fast, fleeting text is much more difficult to parse, but in case there’s also text that stays on screen, you can use Game2Text. It’s what I use for FFXIV (and any game tbh), and it’s not perfect but it’s good enough, supposing the font is not terrible to parse. I often have to correct some kana errors but it usually (though not 100%) picks kanji accurately. I’m not sure if you play on PC though… I just realised.

Regarding difficulty I suppose it can get crazy, it must be full of cultural references that one must know. If I were to pick it up I’m sure I’d be so lost :joy: . Eventually though!

When the time comes I can ask Zakarius先輩 for guidance. Guide me in the ways of the yokai.


August 18 :blossom: Home Post

Watched another episode of Digimon today; the digimon I was struggling to understand before talked more and it’s just Kansai-ben actually :joy: makes sense, I haven’t really dealt with it in purely audio form before so yay new adventures! I think even just realizing that made it easier though, I have a better idea of what I’m looking for.


I started watching the movie Masquerade Hotel again. I’d tried watching it last year but it was a bit outside my reach back then with no JP subs. I’m about half an hour into it again and finding it a lot easier to follow, although one male guest I still haven’t the faintest clue what he was saying. It sounded like indignant harrumphing with a very heavy slur to his words. Otherwise I miss a phrase here or there, but overall I’m comfortable following what’s going on which is a good feeling. It’s nice to be able to see improvement as the further you get the harder it is to notice :upside_down_face:


Aug 19, Fri of Week 8 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

I have watched a few more episodes of Hunter x Hunter (EP.11-14), but I worry as much about efficacy. How much have I missed? What did I failed to learn? I did read manga Vol.2 along too, but some of the sentences will be “impossible to know by reading”, as there are differences between 1999 anime and current manga series.

I also watched 青春ブタ EP.3, and the first part of the series seems to end in 3 episodes. This one doesn’t have JP sub, but indeed, I can find subtitle files.

There was also another YouTube posted by DIO-Berry in CAT thread. While I can listen and understand, I might not pick up everything.

For now, I have collected a few series’ sub, so I can easily search across files. It might come handy later. Almost similar to ImmersionKit and Youglish, only that I have seen all I have collected and can rewatch at will.

It might be good as well to watch without sub, but study from sub; and that includes YouTube transcript, as long as it isn’t auto-generated.


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Day LIX: :dog2: :dog2:

I’d like to find more videos on everyday interesting Japanese-life stuff like the doggo onsen, but searching anything non-super-specific in YouTube never really comes up with anything, just the “here’s a handful of vague videos that might be to do with the topic you’re searching for, but anyway you’re not interested in that really so here’s some videos that we recommend to watch that we know you’ll never ever want to watch, we’ll stick them on your homepage too even after you keep repeatedly clicking ‘not interested’ and ‘don’t recommend me this channel ever again’.” sooo… I kinda have to just wait until the algorithm magically suggests something interesting and Japanese.


Saying that I just typed in 犬 to see what would come up and here is a showcase of doggo:

(I had intended to find others but I ended up watching some more vids from this channel, there’s not really much audio, there is text so there’s that, it’s a really cute dog with a happy family so it was hard not to keep watching)

I’m on PS4, so I won’t be able to, there is the occasional furigana though. It’s more that the sheer volume of text to read is overwhelming, there’s a lot of loot, with a lot of different effects that you sift through looking for just the right booster you’re looking for… in Japanese this is just ridiculous to try and do :melting_face:

(If I get chance to play later I’ll get a screenshot)

Not too sure on how good that guidance will be :rofl:
But do feel free to ask anything, I’ll try and help and go on and on about how cool yokai are

This channel looks interesting! I’ll remind myself to give a video a watch at some point, thanks for sharing!


Continued watched Masquerade Hotel, about an hour in now. I’m getting kind of bored which is making my comprehension slip as my mind wanders.

I also found this, which seems to be French but there’s Japanese narration mixed in: 【映画紹介】宇宙人のおもちゃになった人間たち - YouTube


It’s Alien Language, of course :joy_cat:
(no you’re right, the aliens speak French. Very cute, thanks for finding it! Now I can tick two listening boxes at once :grin:)


August 19th!

I was very short on time this evening, so just a tiny bit of listening. Episode 47 of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners.
I can definitely feel the improvement in my listening comprehension since starting this challenge :slight_smile:

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Week 8


  • あの人の毎日 , ep 2.

Quick phone update away from the computer – in my spare time, I started コンビニ人間 with the usual audiobook, reading, the relisten strategy. Finding it a little harder to follow in audio than my last… I think it’s a bit quicker? Something like that. I definitely catch significant chunks but I get properly lost too.

Which is unfortunate cause that’s clearly a listening failure, but I suppose that’s what I’m here for. On the reading side this is probably the most casual read I’ve had, with surprisingly infrequent lookups so far.


August 19 :blossom: Home Post

Just snuck in a bit of a let’s play today, not much to report!


I listened to/watched Nakata‘s summary of 「嫌われる勇気」, a 心理学/自己啓発 bestseller. Learned some interesting lessons


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Day LX: Swan ride :swan:

Some casual listening suggested by YouTube, a swan ride!

I think I understood more than I thought I would.


August 20th!

Today I listened to a Core Words video from JapanesePod101.
I also had a class with one of my tutors where we did a lot of conversation practise.

I’m planning to watch some Teasing Master Takagi-san with my husband later too :slight_smile:

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August 20 :blossom: Home Post

Less exhausted today but I ended up not doing anything until pretty late so I just watched part of a let’s play again, pretty chill. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be more settled and can get some more stuff in :+1:


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Day LXI: :durtle_yellow_rodent:

Ended up just watching a couple episodes of Pokemon, been pretty tired today. Also, I don’t think the random shibe video I watched earlier could count as listening (there was no audio). :dog2:


August 21st!

Today I listened to an episode of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners, and also watched 3 episodes of Teasing Master Takagi San. It was the first 3 episodes of Season 2 :slight_smile:

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August 21 :blossom: Home Post

I managed to be a bit more productive today and watched another episode of Digimon (you know, the epitome of productivity :joy:). It was nice to get back to something more substantial and the episode was pretty fun so yay!