🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

I gotta say, as things tend to go, after posting that, I had a pretty good time listening to the さくら通信 podcast yesterday and today! They’re pretty funny at times, when I can follow what they’re talking about.

Oh wow, good luck. I think it’s common to go “hang in there!” and I mean, I’ve certainly got that sentiment for you too, but I think if it becomes a significant enough question it IS worth interrogating and ensuring this is still something you can be passionate about, however healthily continuing it ends up looking. You don’t want continuing Japanese to be a gambler’s fallacy thing if you’re truly falling out with it. But of course, don’t want to drop it and look back sometime later regretting not having the progress that you absolutely WILL make if you stick with it. Seems you kinda know what needs to happen, cause moving away will obviously take away so much use for it, but I hope you still find some other means through which it’s significant to you. All the best to you, nothing makes studying harder than big upending life changes on top of that, too.


Agree with @Daisoujou about not giving into the sunk cost fallacy if it’s something you don’t enjoy. I’ll also say that I took a :sparkles: ten year :sparkles: break between when I first began studying Japanese and when I resumed it ~4.5 years ago. That’s a hard break too, I was not practicing, I’d wholly shelved it. You can absolutely take breaks and come back. Yes, you’ll forget things, but you won’t be starting from zero, and it’s better (imo) to come back to something as if it were an old friend than to bitterly drag it along with you in life like a ball and chain.


August 15 :blossom: Home Post

Just watched a let’s play today, nothing super notable. In adjacent news though, I have discovered that バディミッションBOND has drama cds? :eyes: Definitely way above my comfortable straight-up listening level at the moment lmao, but it’s certainly something to look into. I’m also not at all familiar with how drama cds work or where to get them or whatever so if anyone has any insight that’d be cool! :grin:


Paging @ekg , the only person I know who listens to lots of drama CDs. I hope it’s ok to summon you for your wisdom!


I just google in Japanese, on sites that allow international shipping. Or just plain Google most of the time.

This looks like an extra. But, it’s not unusual for anime, or VN games especially, to have some sort of audio CD drama = it’s worth checking out IF there is extra content made. They tend to be a bit fan-servicey compared to regular “original story” drama CDs (they are extras for the fans of the game, anime etc after all), exploring other sides of the characters.

It’s hard to say about the content in more detail like that, but from game extras with multiple characters, it could be that each different track explore a different character, giving something extra about them in some way - compared to a single story across the entire CD.


Aug 16, Tue of Week 8 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Yesterday, I continued to watch 2 more episodes of Hunter x Hunter (EP.7-8), and that pretty much coincides with the first volume of the manga. I pretty much have some fear in my listening ability. Will I be able to progress at all without manga’s (incomplete) hints? Should I stop? What about the temptation? Will the return worth it?

Anyway, today I continued to watch 2 more of Hunter x Hunter (EP.9-10), then read Hunter x Hunter manga Vol.2. Actually, I read the first chapter of the manga a while ago, but today, before finishing EP.10, I got interrupted, so I continued reading the manga before finishing the last anime episode. (And yeah, I am still not satisfied with my understanding.)

Then, I listened to more of かがみの孤城 (上) Ch.1, so finished the chapter with three tracks. Then… I relistened Track 2. Probably will read the written novel later. Having a mirror and a wolf looks interesting, at least.

Then, I read eoame’s Level 60 post. Regarding the advice for listening, it looks interesting, as I am aiming for that. Communicating skills would be nice too, although I might not focus now, unless someone made a Challenge topic, perhaps.


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Day LVI: marumarumaru :o:

NHK school vid, annnndd it’s ワンちゃん time again!
I love this dog, this dog is seriously cute

How do you draw the perfect circle? What does it mean to become the maru of all marus?
ワンちゃん shows the way to achieve perfect maru-ness!

But it wouldn’t be complete without the Crazy Leotard Wizard trying to make people’s circle skills obsolete!

Also played some Nioh 2 with punchy-fist action :facepunch:


August 16th

I watched 3 episodes of Teasing Master Takagi-san today.
Its been nice seeing the animated versions of the stories I’ve already read in the manga!
I would probably be able to follow it fairly well without english subs since the stories are already familiar, but my husband has been watching it with me so the english subs are necessary :slight_smile:

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Week 8

YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト , ep 1.

Just a short episode, I can’t handle more today.

The return of Nioh!! I’m curious to know how you find it now ever since we talked about it shortly some time ago :slight_smile: .


I almost forgot to do any listening today. Not really in the mood for it, but I snuck in a 9 min youtube video of two ladies talking about their type (in women). One of them likes 吉高由里子 and like…same?


Heavily influenced by me absolutely loving her performance in 最愛 (which I still need to finish… :see_no_evil: )


August 16 :blossom: Home Post

Watched another episode of Digimon! Still a pretty chill time aside from random bursts of like military terminology? :joy: I figure I get about as much out of it as a child would probably figure out anyway so I’m not super worried about it, it’s just a fun time.

Oooh this is all good information, thank you!! I’ll definitely have to look into it more now that I have a better idea where to start :laughing:


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Day LVII: Holy miso soup from the Squid God :squid:

NHK school vid.

Luminous squid presenter and the golden Squid God show you how to make the perfect miso soup. But magical squid powers are not all one needs to make the perfect miso.

Time to call in the miso professionals! This time the miso is so good it needs to be celebrated with mini-squid backup dancers.

Still pretty difficult! :melting_face:

I think I’ve gotten used to the yokai names and some of the historic names due to reading so much about them, but there’s still tons of info to take in. Weapons/armour have so many stat boosters and what not, and the game doesn’t pull any punches with kanji. If it was just static like reading a book I think it’d be manageable to go through it slowly, but since it’s a game I’m finding it impossible to take in that much Japanese in such short spaces of time. I suppose it’s good practice for fast recall though.

But it’s great when there is a small string of writing and you can read it and parse it without translating it into English, just know what it means, and it’s like YES.
(Though again, like with Pokemon and 十万ボルト!, my brain seems to like best to latch onto mostly impractical Japanese)


August 17th

Work has been super busy, and I’m a bit under the weather so I have the attention span of a goldfish tonight :smiley:
So today is another day where I only managed a tiny bit of listening - Something is still better than nothing though!
I listened to Episode 46 of Nihongo con Teppei for beginners, and understood everything, though I had to re-listen to one bit because my mind wandered and I didnt hear it!

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August 17 :blossom: Home Post

Just watched another episode of Digimon! A fun (?) new digimon showed up where I’m lucky to understand like 1 out of every 5 words he says lmao, I think that’s kinda the vibe though? It’s all good practice :man_shrugging:


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Day LVIII: 秋田犬のこはるちゃん :dog2:

Watched the cutest video about dogs having a good time in an onsen, thanks to @DIO-Berry for sharing it in the dog thread!

This video was too cute I forgot that I was supposed to be learning Japanese from it.


Saw the One Piece movie today. That was my listening challenge. Did pretty well. Most of the movie was music so a lot of that went in one ear and out the other. But it was fun nonetheless.


This is incredible! Look at the wet fur :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thanks for sharing!


:headphones: Main Station :beach_umbrella:

So far, I’ve managed to listen to something every single day this month. I tried some more episodes of Sayuri Saying, this time just clicking on random episodes that fit in with how much time I had on hand. That method seems to work better for me, so I’ll probably stick with it when using that podcast as my resource.

I also watched the first part of Flavors of Youth on Netflix. It’s a co-production between two animation studios, one Japanese and the other Chinese. I tried so hard not to look at the Japanese subtitles, but it was practically impossible for me to understand without them. There’s very little dialogue, but most of the story is told with narration. It felt like listening to an audiobook, and I was wholly unprepared for that. I’ll likely go back and watch the rest of it sometime this weekend.

Today, I watched two things, both on YouTube: 三本塾’s episode on 「もの」and a vlog from Daily Japanese with Naoko. I’ve been subscribed to 三本塾 for a while now, but unfortunately he’s one of several Japanese YouTubers I subscribe to thinking, “I’m gonna watch all of their stuff!” and then proceed to not follow through… :sweat_smile: I quite like his style of explaining. I’ve been wondering for some time what the nuance with もの is, and I think he does a good job of highlighting how it’s used.

Daily Japanese with Naoko was a new find for me. I saw her video on the sidebar and decided to click on it. I really like her voice! I also love how explanations for what she’s saying pop up on the screen as she goes, plus she has hard Japanese subs. I spent most of the time just looking at her while she spoke, so even though the subs are there, I don’t think they’re distracting if you want to practice listening without them.

I don’t know how the rest of her videos are, but I did end up subscribing to her. I’ll try to make more of an effort to go through the Japanese YouTubers I follow. With how often I’m on that dang website, I might as well get more listening practice in. :sweat_smile:


August 18th!

I watched The Bite size Japanese Podcast - Episode 2 today. I had subtitles on (in Japanese) but was able to mostly understand without looking at them which was exciting for me :slight_smile:

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Week 8


  • YUYUの日本語ポッドキャスト , ep 2.


  • あの人の毎日 , ep 1.
  • The video of the doggo onsen posted.
  • The video from Daily Japanese with Naoko posted by @softlyraining .

Okay so I started this new podcast, あの人の毎日 , about… domestic chores :joy: . Hear me out. I was browsing new podcasts to see if anything caught my eye, and I discovered this one that seems to be about, well, housework. Not the most interesting topic, but I thought it would be laid back and nice. And indeed it was! The host talks really nicely, chill atmosphere and chill jazz piano in the background. The episodes are around 15 to 30 minutes usually so seems like the perfect time length to listen from start to end without pause. Overall a nice discovery that adds variety when I don’t feel like listening to many of them, it’s good to have more options. Also hope to learn a few tricks here and there and become the ultimate housework master :sunglasses: .

Indeed. I opened it out of curiosity… instantly hooked. :joy:

Same! That was a nice discovery, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

I suppose fast, fleeting text is much more difficult to parse, but in case there’s also text that stays on screen, you can use Game2Text. It’s what I use for FFXIV (and any game tbh), and it’s not perfect but it’s good enough, supposing the font is not terrible to parse. I often have to correct some kana errors but it usually (though not 100%) picks kanji accurately. I’m not sure if you play on PC though… I just realised.

Regarding difficulty I suppose it can get crazy, it must be full of cultural references that one must know. If I were to pick it up I’m sure I’d be so lost :joy: . Eventually though!

When the time comes I can ask Zakarius先輩 for guidance. Guide me in the ways of the yokai.