🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

Aug 12, Fri of Week 7 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Yesterday, I watched an episode of Berserk with JP sub on Netflix. I didn’t look up much, but I wasn’t really satisfied with my understanding. I did take some vocabularies, but didn’t pause much.

Story impression

A man with ill omen spreading, even if he can survive himself, that’s all I can take for now. Also, perhaps, nice graphics. On the whole, I don’t like the series much yet.

Then, up to today, I watched 2 episodes (3-4) of Hunter x Hunter (1999) without sub. These are more difficult as I can’t find subtitle files / transcripts, and my ears aren’t good enough. (Also probably I don’t have enough energy to distinguish sentences.) Then, I read Hunter x Hunter manga Vol.1, but I felt there are some differences – it probably maps better to 2011 version. But, my childhood days must have seen that 1999 one.

So, I finished Hunter x Hunter manga Vol.1 in like 2 hours or something, and has a list of vocabularies in my Android dictionary’s history. (But it doesn’t help much with 1999 ver’s speech, other than the third guy’s name.)

Then, I listened (listen-only) to Rickyy ghost stories (りっきぃの夜話) on YouTube for about 30 minutes. Honestly I felt listening quality wasn’t good enough, but trying to survive (along with learning from other resources), might not be a bad idea.

Additionally, I bought Monster Hunter World (game) from Steam, which has both JP interface and audio, and started playing it. I think the game in general is good and playable, even if my reading can a little slow and didn’t pick up words in time. There is also JP dub in cinematics, but they can’t be paused or rewinded. My experience feels like I am going it read it poorly, barely surviving. I feel like it isn’t time to enjoy the status quo yet; but studying first and enjoying the trophy later is possible.

I also saw that Misa’s マンタルヘルス, but it’s in English to explain Japanese.