🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

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Day L: ライス :rice:

NHK school vid.

How to make rice, without needing no stinking rice cooker!

Brought to you by an extremely excitable presenter dressed as a luminous squid :sparkles: :squid: :sparkles:
Who also has a special dance when the rice is ESPECIALLY おいしい :sparkles: :mirror_ball: :sparkles:

Pokemon :durtle_yellow_rodent:


Thanks, that actually puts it into a better perspective. I was kinda feeling like I’d failed due to not completing it but the positive side is that I’ve found some new material, tried something different and found a way that works for me.

Thank you :blush:
Glad you’ve found some great new stuff to listen to and you’re enjoying the process.


August 10th!

Today I watched 4 episodes of Old Enough. I’ve been watching with english subs on, but I’m gradually finding that I can follow a lot of what is going on without reading them that often.
My comprehension falls apart when the narrator is speaking, so I still need the subs at the moment. but the simple way that most people talk to the children is generally fine for me to understand. :slight_smile:

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Week 7

ゲームなんとか 「ハードを買う決め手の1本をなんとか」

Listened to the second half today, finished the episode.


Feeling pretty burnt out today, between work stress, a feeling of stagnation, and a bad language exchange partner conversation. Days like this I wonder why I’m studying Japanese at all, so I may unplug for a few days, not sure yet.
I did make myself do some listening today though, enjoy:

If you’re ~intermediate listening level and you want to hear someone spill the tea on a time they were cheated on this is solid practice. Nothing really out there for vocab, not spoken super fast, hard subs for a fall back.


Summary Post

August 9th and 10th
What did I listen to?: Obey Me! Boys in the House Ep 6 and 7
How much time did I spend listening?: 14 min and 19 min

I did listen yesterday, I was literally just too lazy to post :joy: But the episode I watched yesterday was so cute!!! The two Satoshis check out the merch and try to pull their own characters (this eventually turns into trying to call the character they’ll pull before they open it instead). I love how Kada calls Baby Satoshi “Oni-chan,” it’s so cute :joy:

Today I watched the conclusion of this series, where Lucifer’s VA and Mammon’s VA check out the little mini games (ft. Ayme-san and Satan’s VA being so extra with the camera angles during the ending interviews :joy: Why is it always you two)


August 10 :blossom: Home Post

I finally watched another episode of Tiger & Bunny today! It felt good to get back to it, and their hijinks were as dumb and wild as usual :joy: It was sweet though, 虎徹 was trying so hard to celebrate バーナビー’s birthday because he’s a mother hen and he got all the heroes in on it and it was very cute but also a hot mess :joy: Nice to listen to something with more meaningful plot again :+1:

Oh no, I’m sorry, I hope things get better soon! Whatever you need to do to take care of yourself :blush:


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Day LI: パンケーキ :pancakes:

あかね的日本語教室 video, VLOG with general info about Harajuku, Shinjuku and Odaiba.

Including bonus SHIBA :dog2:


August 11th

Today I listened to two of the 800 Core Words videos from JapanesePod101.
They tend to be words I already know, which is why I find them useful for listening practise while doing other stuff but today there were a few unfamiliar words too :slight_smile:

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I’m doing better emotionally/mentally today, but I cut ties with my language exchange partner and I’m taking my foot off the gas with regards to spoken conversation practice. That stresses me out far more than any other activity in Japanese and I have no reason to be forcing it so explicitly taking a break there.

Today I listened to two new podcasts, both about crime:
ヒロシエリの未解決事件簿 and 本当にあった猟奇的殺人事件. Both stopped producing new episodes some time ago, but there is enough content for me to work through for awhile should I want to. I was a little leery that 本当にあった猟奇的殺人事件 was actually, you know, 本当, but the case I listened to, the 2008 秋葉原通り魔事件 appears to be a real thing. I then went back to actually read the description of the podcast and they’re voice dramas based on real events :sweat_smile:

Anyways, if anyone is interested, the 未解決事件簿 is a little tricky given the speed and content, but I got through an episode on the 3億円事件 pretty ok. I think if I were to relisten I’d get more out of it. 本当にあった, being a voice drama, was much easier to follow and I recommend it for maybe upper intermediate? :sweat_smile: It’s really hard to recc listening content as I’m not sure if my idea of levels is the same as ya’lls.


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Week 7

Multiple YouTube videos

Too lazy to mention everything and I probably can’t remember at this point. I also listened to 三本塾 's new grammar video, that one I can link.

Tomorrow is going to be a very easy day to come up with something to listen to cause there’s a new FF14 live letter and I’m definitely watching that for a few hours.

Also @pocketcat thanks for the recommendations! They seem interesting to spice my listening up a bit. Difficulty wise we’ll see if it’s something that I can manage :upside_down_face: .


August 11 :blossom: Home Post

I got a little chaotic again today and decided to watch an episode of Digimon? I’ve never seen any of it but I’ve always heard that it’s wild and oh, it sure is :joy: It’s fun so far though, and it’s a kid’s show so it’s pretty comprehensible without subtitles and it puts me in more of a headspace where I’m okay just getting what I get out of it. So add that to the list of nonsense I’m doing I guess :laughing:


Aug 12, Fri of Week 7 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Yesterday, I watched an episode of Berserk with JP sub on Netflix. I didn’t look up much, but I wasn’t really satisfied with my understanding. I did take some vocabularies, but didn’t pause much.

Story impression

A man with ill omen spreading, even if he can survive himself, that’s all I can take for now. Also, perhaps, nice graphics. On the whole, I don’t like the series much yet.

Then, up to today, I watched 2 episodes (3-4) of Hunter x Hunter (1999) without sub. These are more difficult as I can’t find subtitle files / transcripts, and my ears aren’t good enough. (Also probably I don’t have enough energy to distinguish sentences.) Then, I read Hunter x Hunter manga Vol.1, but I felt there are some differences – it probably maps better to 2011 version. But, my childhood days must have seen that 1999 one.

So, I finished Hunter x Hunter manga Vol.1 in like 2 hours or something, and has a list of vocabularies in my Android dictionary’s history. (But it doesn’t help much with 1999 ver’s speech, other than the third guy’s name.)

Then, I listened (listen-only) to Rickyy ghost stories (りっきぃの夜話) on YouTube for about 30 minutes. Honestly I felt listening quality wasn’t good enough, but trying to survive (along with learning from other resources), might not be a bad idea.

Additionally, I bought Monster Hunter World (game) from Steam, which has both JP interface and audio, and started playing it. I think the game in general is good and playable, even if my reading can a little slow and didn’t pick up words in time. There is also JP dub in cinematics, but they can’t be paused or rewinded. My experience feels like I am going it read it poorly, barely surviving. I feel like it isn’t time to enjoy the status quo yet; but studying first and enjoying the trophy later is possible.

I also saw that Misa’s マンタルヘルス, but it’s in English to explain Japanese.


I haven’t seen this channel mentioned here before so throwing it out there - it’s well done and well explained ‘how to sound more natural’ and ‘what are the differences between these words/grammar point’ videos. I really appreciate the explanation of nuance here. Some of the topics it’s just confirming what I got from gut feeling, and others I’m like “oh! so it’s that nuance!”.

I also have continued my dabbling in strange history videos, but none have been interesting enough to link and share.


The last 2-3 days have been mostly passive listening to hours of podcasts (only partially active for a few minutes at a time) so not really useful. I am clearing my current apartment and packing for my JET Programme stint in Japan (cross fingers that my PCR test is negative next Thursday) so my brain is all over the place. Luckily I am still enjoying wanikani and my grammar lessons with my cutie cutie tutor online.


Whoa, that sounds super exciting! Where will you be based in Japan?


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Day LII: ダイヤモンド :diamonds:

NHK school vid, in the language section. This episode was about antonyms, I got a few right before the characters did so I guess that means I can understand what they’re saying a little bit.

Good luck! 頑張って!


Yamaguchi Prefecture.

This Programme is an amazing opportunity no matter where you are from, but being from a small island where 1 person goes every 3 years…its surreal at the moment.


Thank you so much :grin: :sweat_smile: :smiley_cat:


August 12th

Today I listened to Episode 42 of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners - no trouble understanding today! :slight_smile:
I’m going to watch some Old Enough while I eat dinner today too, I only have 4 episodes left now.

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