🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

Aug 7, Sun of Week 6 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Today, I watched Iryu Team Medical Dragon (S01 EP01), some medical drama I have watched like 10 years ago.

Regarding having medical skill excellence, and thoughts from my career

Skill, knowledge, as well as awareness and speed, are indeed without doubt a must during emergency time, and also whenever transporting itself is an issue. Nonetheless, even in such a small room or a ward, a single person doesn’t have time to reach to everything. I can’t really choose personnel either. (Even if I can, choosing comes from limited choices.)

Then, there are also urgent aspects and preventive aspects, where biological and physical aspects themselves don’t suffice. Social (familial) and economical (and psychological) play quite a lot of roles as well. At individual level, it is complex enough; but when reaching up to public health level, or the so-called, catchment area/population, it eventually becomes a different game; where we can’t be naive for this. Not to mention, difficult-to-reach portions (not necessarily minorities).

Then comes another issue, how should personnel guard themselves? Misunderstandings, and human limitations, can happen, but not forgiven.

Indeed I watched without sub, but regarding sub, even if it is EN or non-JP, perhaps it isn’t so bad if you can make up with studying to make listening a priority. The opposite, JP sub with non-JP dub, is probably more difficult. Usually, I feel that listening or imagining sounds, is more language like than seeing.

Then, I listened minimally to かがみの孤城, before switching to that vanilla’s YouTube of 2-hours (not in Japanese :sweat_smile:). Having YouTube Premium makes it possible to listen with screen off (on a smartphone).

So, yesterday, I eventually finished Hunter x Hunter EP2. My listening comprehension has gone more blurry at the end… Then, there comes how much I can tolerate. I didn’t time myself, but perhaps as much as a little less than 1 hour, for 10 minutes.

About a vocabulary from yesterday, 払い除ける – it appears that 払う has a secondary meaning of 祓う as well.