🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

July 30 :orange_square:

Finished Paprika. Like yesterday, I didn’t understand all that much, but I got the gist I believe, and I definitely enjoyed it!
Maybe that’s what I should be doing to let go of the anxiety of not understanding what’s going on: rewatch stuff I had watched a long time ago. :smiley:


Home post :guitar: July 30th

・SKM N2: Did the exercises on page 76-89.

Hi :durtle_hello: Haven’t made any updates since July 14th. I want to finish this textbook before I leave next week so I don’t have to bring it with me. Just a few more pages and then the mock exam left. I can do this :fire:


July 30th.

I listened to another Core Words video from JapanesePod101 while writing my daily diary, and also listened to episode 36 of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners. :slight_smile:

I might end up watching some anime later too, but I’m not sure yet!

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:sound: Listening Room: Date 20220730 :loud_sound:

Day XXXIX: Mushimushi :bug:

Just a short NHK school vid about finding squishy mushi in the woods. I also played a bit of Nioh 2 but I’m not sure if that counts since there isn’t much dialogue and it’s mostly just angry yokai noises :thinking:

Anyway, I watched the mushi vid twice. I picked up more than I thought the first time, and more the second, so progress I guess?

:fire: !!頑張って!! :fire:


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Week 5

July 30
Yuusuke & Kaito, episodes 7, 8 and 9.

Much better today. I’m more rested and probably the topics were a bit more relaxed this time. I really like the relationship of these two, I’m going to miss Kaito D: I’m also curious about why they didn’t keep doing it together, hopefully they mention something in the last episode or YUYU’s first episode.


Summary Post

July 30th
What did I listen to?: Obey Me! post-recording interview
How much time did I spend listening?: about 14 min because I watched it twice

I’m back, ish. I skipped the last two days in both challenges, sort of on purpose, because I was just too busy trying to meet some work deadlines (I worked over 12 hours both yesterday and Thursday :sweat_smile: I finished the thing though, so that’s good). I just needed to put all my focus on that without worrying about keeping up with everything else, so I did. The thing that worries me the most about breaking any streak is not picking the thing back up again, so I’m happy I was able to do that today without too much difficulty!

I decided to get back into listening with more Obey Me! content :joy: I realized about halfway through my first watch-through that I wasn’t really focusing on the words properly, I was too distracted by the squishy sheep plushies and the generally adorable VAs you can hear hints of their character voices in their normal voices sometimes and I got distracted listening for that, is that a weird thing to be distracted by xD So I watched it through a second time and tried to focus more on catching the words (with some limited success - I still couldn’t really tell you much about what they said, though, unfortunately).

My favorite moments:

  • The way Satan’s VA hugs the sheep is just :pleading_face: I don’t know why he chose to do the interview in like the weirdest possible position though LMAO, like it does not look comfortable to sit and talk like that
  • Ayme-san going to sleep on a bench at the end of his interview (while inexplicably NOT using the squishy sheep as a pillow) I guess it might be rude to use MC as a pillow though LMAO if you’re not familiar with the game, MC is represented by a little sheep, so that’s why the sheep plushies are there
  • Baby Satoshi ft. Singing Squishy Sheep he put the headphones on the sheep, it’s so cute, I cannot

It’s July 31, so here’s a small recap of my month. (I had not been updating my summary post with regularity, oooooops)

So I didn’t do as well this month as I wanted to, I did focused listening on 16 days. I don’t count short conversations that I have, or the ambient listening I do every day in my study journal, so in truth I have daily listening exposure, but most of the time it passes over my head like white noise. I count it as “listening” practice if it’s longer than 15 minutes at full attention.

I was sick in the first week of July, and the second to last week work was super hectic, so I just crashed when I got home, and that explains the low listening count, but this last week has been good, I’ve actually been able to listen every day. Hopefully I can keep that streak going into August.

In any case, even though I haven’t succeeded in the challenge so far, this thread has been great for recommendations, I’m really enjoying seeing what everyone is listening to. So thanks! 頑張ろう!


Jul 31, Sun of Week 5 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Today’s story is 座敷童 (:studio_microphone:).

I have heard about these beings for ages. Also, I really want to understand narrator (Rickyy)'s voice.

Story impression

Wait! I still feel I don’t know enough about the beings, only know some of their powers.

Also, the vocabularies here, and Kanji compounds without supplied reading, are a little dense for me.

Yesterday, I watched Dr. Stone, which also has JP sub. I think some vocabularies are relatively difficult and I don’t know yet; but I can somewhat understand the story.

Regarding the vocabularies, there are going to be harder ones, that are simpler in meaning; and easier ones that are more complex in meaning. The latter are scary to study, while the former simply need some dedication to learn.

Monthly recap and way forward

Honestly, I can’t say that I have improved listening-wise for last 2 months of Listening Challenge (counting that 1 month of planning phase). More of manifestation of my reading studies and Reading Challenge earlier; and also of my vocabulary collection and some grammar points.

Certainly, if I know more vocabularies, I probably can tolerate more difficult vocabularies’ listening.

Perhaps listening is more of a linear comprehension skill, but for reading, I can always look a little ahead to see the particles and the whole sentences.

I think read-aloud with recording is good, and I would continue to do so everyday for the next month as well. Less than ideally, it doesn’t have to aloud, but then I can’t ensure I vocalize every words. Also, there won’t be a recording to listen and re-consider.

Engaging in a conversation, when done well, is helpful skill to have. It hinges on both listening reception and speaking production skills; but certainly, if not understood, we can ask back. (But then, I didn’t reserve any more italki classes yet. Also, haven’t found any speaking pals yet.)

Writing skills may receive some help from speaking skills as well.


July 30 :blossom: Home Post

Just a bit more let’s play listening today! I feel like my listening stamina is getting better so that’s something :+1: Onward and upward!


I’m low brain energy and tried to watch a few things that didn’t stick. Landing on watching a cooking video. It looked very tasty, but my partner hates eggplant so I’d have to make a small batch or hope it keeps as left overs.


Looks good but too much work for me! If I’m doing eggplant, I’d either bake it or pan fry it until it’s soft and gets a little color then let it marinate in mentsuyu overnight and serve it as a side with a meal.

Or I’ll do the same first step, then make a garlic butter sauce to spread on top. Then bake some more and finish with a spread of Sriacha for a nice snack.


July 31st!

Just a small bit of listening today because I spent longer than expected reading - I listened to Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners, Episode 37.

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July 31 :yellow_square:

Today I (re)watched three episodes of Erased (僕だけがいない街) while dealing with a huge pile of ironing. And after a while… something magical happened. I realized I could follow along no problem. The moment I realized it, the moment I tried to focus on the words, I lost it. But when I focused on ironing again, it came back. I’m thinking, this is what I was trying to achieve when I wanted to “listen like a child”. My brain fills in the gaps and turns the scattered words it understands into a coherent whole. Obviously I miss a lot of details this way, but it’s so much less frustrating than trying to understand everything. I was honestly amazed by the experience. I just hope I can repeat it.

As a fun aside, this is the screen that greeted me today when I opened Netflix:

I’d never seen that “category” before. Does Netflix think I’m watching shows in Japanese because I have somehow failed to notice the English ones? :rofl:


Summary Post

July 31st
What did I listen to?: Obey Me! Boys in the House Ep 1
How much time did I spend listening?: 18 min

I started this Youtube series today - trying to pace myself so I won’t be fumbling for things to listen to during the week when I’m busy :joy: But I love this so much lol, the seven VAs are so fun together :purple_heart:

Highlights (hidden for big pictures lmao)

When they’re talking about potentially making the sheep plushies available as merch, Baby Satoshi is a whole entire mood:

Same, sir. Same.

And I need to appreciate Baby Satoshi’s handwriting (calligraphy?) because wth, why is his handwriting so pretty all the time

Satan’s VA, on the other hand, wrote a kanji wrong :joy: (Bonus points if you spot it)

Answer: he forgot a line in 名, leading them to joke that it actually says クロ探偵 xD I was pleased that I was able to understand this joke :joy: And then Beel’s VA:

:joy: Savage

I love them and I can’t wait to watch more of these xD


:sound: Listening Room: Date 20220731 :loud_sound:

Day XL: Soap Bubbles :bubbles:

NHK school vid. Today I learnt how to make soap bubbles. I think this one is meant for really small children :rofl:

But I didn’t have that much trouble understanding, I think I understood like 90% of what was being said, so now I can say with confidence that I have the listening abilities of a four year old! :boom:
It was probably that of a two year old before I started this listening challenge, so I guess that’s a start at least.


Home post

Week 5
:confetti_ball: 1 0 0 % :confetti_ball:

July 31
Yuusuke & Kaito, episode 10.


I started watching Prince of Legend (trailer) and it’s exactly what I need right now. A great level for me re: vocab/grammar/speed and it’s an utterly ridiculous premise. I have some really good shows I need to finish but they’re all emotionally heavy and I’m not in the mood for that at all lately.

I’m Team 先生


It’s so ridiculous :joy: :joy: I love it! I’m team ヤンキー王子 myself based on the trailer :joy:


July 31 :blossom: Home Post

I’m currently thoroughly invested in playing バディミッションBOND so not a whole lot of listening, just some more let’s play stuff and that Prince of Legend trailer courtesy of @pocketcat; I’m gonna have to watch that sometime huh :laughing: Looks very much like the kind of chaotic nonsense I can get behind lmao.

Oh I guess that’s a month down huh; I’ve managed to do some listening every day so far so that’s something! I’m definitely still significantly lacking in the listening skills department but it’s getting easier I think, and this is certainly the way to make progress :blush: Glad to be in it together!

Omg, of all the ones to mess up :joy:


Aug 1, Mon of Week 6 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Today’s story is 桃太郎 (:studio_microphone:).

This one is just too sleepy for my tastes, but I just want to read a long version. Also, a lot of 塗り絵 extras.

Story impression

A lot of vocabularies today.

Also, a GetBackers’ story

Then I found this one from YouTube suggestions. Looks fun, and I can somewhat understand the audio (and I can read.)

Yesterday I finished reading Death Note Vol.3, and watched Death Note EP.11. Even with some vocabularies known, I still feel I don’t pick up enough.

I guess, vocabularies aside, it still somehow depends on sentence structures and sound changes.