🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

Jul 28, Thu of Week 5 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Today’s story is カエルと娘 (:studio_microphone:).

Story impression

New vocabulary – 死に方(かた). Longer version – 不思議な死に方(かた).

Also thanks someone for telling the vocabulary 商(あきなう)う (and 大商人(あきんど)) the other day.

Yesterday, I finished reading 1/3 of かがみの孤城 Ch.1, which is equivalent to 1 track of audiobook (20 minutes); nonetheless, I can’t say I really understand the track that well even then. I continued to the second track (which is also Ch.1), regardless.

I watched となりの怪物くん with sub, then 盾の勇者の成り上がり without sub. (Both on Netflix.) Somehow, I can also understand the second series to some extent, enough to consider watching further. However, the last time I stopped watching, is because I wasn’t sure if it would be counter-productive to my learning.

For those three things, I consider learning vocabularies in advance a possibility. Probably there is a vocabulary Sheets in the book club. Also, subtitle scripts probably can be segmented and normalize to dictionary forms, to remove contexts and spoilers.

ひょうたんからコトバ, on NHK for School, might be revisited later.