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Continuing with Bite Sized Japanese podcast…pats myself on the back for understanding 60% and sometimes even up to maybe 80 % of the episodes with subs.


July 20th!

Today I watched an episode of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens during my lunch hour, and couldn’t help but chuckle thinking about @NicoleIsEnough expecting the link I sent to be a documentary about ramen and then discovering it was in fact a fairly odd anime about assassins…and sometimes baseball :grin:

I also watched the first episode of The Bite size Japanese Podcast, which I found pretty comprehensible. Thanks for sharing the link @Sailnir!

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Today I re-watched the first episode and then watched the second one. By now I started to like the characters and the somewhat weird setup! :grin: So thanks for your recommendation anyways :wink:

I’m sending you a real hakata ramen documentary to compensate for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
This is a documentary from my favorite Tonkotsu Ramen shop in Tokyo (which is called Kikanbo). Unfortunately the documentary is mainly in English, but you can hear the chef talk in Japanese sometimes. いただきます :blush:


Glad you liked it!

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Week 4

July 20
Nihongo con Teppei Z, episode 31.
Anime: コタローは1人暮らし, episode 1.

Watched episode 1 of this anime I saw on Netflix a while ago and added it to my list because the speech of the kid was funny. The episode was actually nice, I might keep watching it. Kinda hard to understand him sometimes though, I’m following with subs.


I saw that one, as well as another serialized live-action adaption; and both have JP sub. However,… personally I am not interested in either.

About the price of tutors – Indeed I paid for textbooks and materials as well. Still, I expect the price of getting a man for grammar (and study guiding) is going to skyrocket in the future.

Jul 21, Thu of Week 4 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Today’s story is 産女(うぶめ)の幽霊 (:studio_microphone:) from 高源寺(こうげんじ) in 長崎.

Started at just before 3 minutes’ mark, also in dialogue style. But yeah, I searched from Hukumusume. Also, there is a real transcript / subtitle for this one, but it doesn’t match the audio :smile:

Furthermore, there is also a playlist – so, longer listening and practicing reading transcripts is possible (but expect spoken variants).

Today, copied to Google Sheets due to the fact that, Yomichan works in Google Sheets, even with partially-changed text colors (similarly doesn’t work in Google Docs). Nonetheless, I didn’t look up much today.

Story impression

Started similar to the other day. However, this one has 恩返し. Not only that, the 願い is for public welfare!


Summary Post

July 20th
What did I listen to?: Super Bunny Man Let’s Play Part 2
How much time did I spend listening?: 21 min

I was supposed to be reading today but tbh I had a hell of a time getting myself to sit down and do anything at all this evening :upside_down_face: Too many distractionssss. I feel like I just got home from work and suddenly it’s 10pm :joy: Super Bunny Man felt like the path of least resistance. Idk that I would characterize this as “quality listening practice” but it’s…a listening practice :joy: Tbh I paused it at least 3 times before finally finishing it too, like that’s how badly distracted I’ve been, can’t even sit down and watch a whole video at once


July 20 :blossom: Home Post

I just watched another let’s play today. Nothing too crazy, but I did manage to watch the whole video at once without getting too exhausted which has really happened never :joy: so maybe stamina increase yay!


Listened to an hour of 仮面病棟 while commuting back and forth today. I’m still enjoying it quite a lot, but have little else to say :sweat_smile:


Really busy week at work this week, so I haven’t done much listening. Yesterday I watched another episode of Pokemon Journeys, but i struggled to pay much attention, I was just too tired. Tonight I will try to rewatch something I’ve seen before, to see if I pick up something new, and take a bit of pressure off the listening.


July 21 :red_square:

I listened to quite a lot today: 30 minutes of かがみの孤城 (her voice is starting to annoy me, or it may just be that I’m not in the best of moods), and two book review videos. I understood…words. Not much else.


I’m short on time today so watched some YouTube. One was a book summary about how to lose weight (mainly to keep science-y words fresh in my memory. I watch this channel a lot for that reason) and another was a cute little video about a study cafe and interviewing the people studying there.

Book review videos can be so hard :sweat:


Today’s podcast was really good. I understood just about everything!


:sound: Listening Room: Date 20220721 :loud_sound:

Day XXX: : うなぎのかぎ賃 :fish:

Listened to today’s Edo tale!

It’s been 30 days now of listening and I don’t think my understanding of anything has improved at all. Guess I should try and find something easier :thinking:


It’s easier to see progress if you’re mostly listening to the same general vocab set (for me it was crime shows early on) and also taking notes on your comprehension on first listen, then trying again at some date in the future and making new notes and comparing. I used to do that every ~90 days and it helped me see progress.


I may have jumped off the wagon, ehehe… :see_no_evil: But here’s a resource I wanted to share. It’s for practicing your number listening skills. Website: Gou Ninja!

It plays off a short audio clip and you have to write the numbers you just heard :1234:


Haha, that’s a brilliant idea! But at that speed I cannot manage to type in the number, even if I understand it straight away :sweat_smile:


July 21st!

Today I listened to Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners, Episode 25 and also watched another episode of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens.

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Thanks for the link @NicoleIsEnough! It was really interesting. It did make me want some ramen though… :sweat_smile:
Also I was excited to see them visit the Ameyoko underground market since its featured a few times in a manga I’ve been reading (Mitsuboshi Colors) :slight_smile:


I’ve heard horror stories about the JLPT N3 test and hearing numbers in the audio test portion. Sounds like a worthy endeavor to get those down.


Ouch my brain :joy: I started out up to 100 and was like “wow I’m doing better than I expected!” and then I went up to 1000 and everything shut down lmao