🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

Hmm, they both sound pretty fun. I don’t think I’ve ever actually read a light novel but I like to think my tastes are broad (and I tolerate the indulgences that visual novels go into haha) so I don’t think I’d mind. Should definitely try sometime anyway. Don’t think I’m necessarily opposed to pushing slightly harder. Will definitely consider those, thanks!


This has an audiobook! It’s on the more straightforward side of things I’ve listened to as well.


Excellent, thank you! That’s a strong contender for next then because I think it’s pretty short, and I do actually already have the ebook. Probably going to do that next then when it’s over, if I haven’t changed my mind, start looking at those earlier recommendations for a next step.


Your post inspired me to find this hikibiki podcast internet archive, where I started to listen to number 149, even though I couldn’t see the title. I didn’t know much of the Vocabulary, I think.

Huh… upon reading further, I see that rikai posted the archive link above, as well.

I have the book and audiobook for コンビニ人間, and I pre-read the book in English book last year… then I sort of dropped the whole project… It did use everyday language, IMHO… I did a lot of extensive listening to the audiobook, but didn’t read and intensively suck out Vocabulary… I don’t think that I tried to make an anki deck out of the WaniKani vocabulary soreadsheet, yet, either. (did anybody? is there one floating around the interwebs?) :roll_eyes:


July 15th.

I listened to Episode 19 of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners and understood everything pretty comfortably.
Also watched another episode of Fruits Basket with subs. I’m probably going to watch more tonight, but its a few minutes to midnight here and I wanted to write up update while its still “today”

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Jul 16, Sat of Week 3 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Today’s story is 鐘突き堂を守ったカニ (:studio_microphone:).


Story impression

Battle of the crabs :crabigator: :fire: :angrykoichi:

Just today, I realize I should download the audio file (right-click from Hukumusume HTML5 audio player, otherwise use youtube-dl to download from YouTube) and import into Audacity for easy rewind and pinpointing the starting location.

Yesterday, I went shopping, so listening to Podbean for about half an hour; then in the evening, I went jogging (mostly walking actually) for about a hour and a half; so in total, listened for about 2 hours. However, I didn’t catch much – there were a lot of names of すごい人 and the praise.

I tried watching Sushi history from Japan Foundation – I felt I still don’t understand enough (unless I were to study it). Another one I watched is かまへんライダー. Also, if you look at the Kanji for ひょうきん, it uses an exceptional reading.

Hiiki Biiki might be listenable from mobile from archive.org website. (I never knew archive.org has that capability.) Also of course it can be downloaded (total of a few GB). I might try later.


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Week 3

July 15

Nihongo con Teppei Z, episode 30 → 14 min.

Note to self: don’t “try for a couple mins” Howl’s Moving Castle at 2 am. Took me 40 mins to stop it very hesitantly, I wanted to watch the whole thing. Which I definitely would, but I didn’t plan to sleep super late today :joy: :joy: which I’ll do at this rate anyway, just not THAT late. So technically that one podcast episode and 40 mins of the movie but I won’t count that.

Just had a thought of “why not watch every Ghibli movie available on Netflix”? There are so so many I haven’t watched yet and it could be a good opportunity to test waters after so long. In this case I’ve already watched Howl’s Moving Castle but still, never in Japanese, and it was surprisingly very comfortable. Sounds like a super fun little project and quite a lot of exposure, so might do that soon!


July 15 :blossom: Home Post

Nothing too crazy today, just another Cities Skylines video! Idk if it was just that video but somehow it felt easier than they have? So hey maybe some progress :tada:

Oooh that sounds fun :eyes: so many classics and there are still way too many I’ve never seen whoops


Summary Post

July 15th
What did I listen to?: はじめてのおつかい
How much time did I spend listening?: 3 episodes (50 min)

I was supposed to read today but I’m mentally and emotionally over it, this week has been so long and I am so tired
My brain said “no. only はじめてのおつかい”
So I am here in this thread today xD
At least I did something, that alone feels like a victory


Sorry for double posting! But I finished 殺人ライセンス :sweat_smile: Despite saying it would take another day. My first bus was late and I ended up walking home (~1 hour) so I finished it out. My overall impression was: meh. If you’re looking for listening practice with a slightly easier book, it’ll do. I don’t think the book is really worth seeking out though. You can see my full review here if you like.

But! I’m actually posting because I found a translated podcast?! That’s a thing? :exploding_head: 死の医師 on Audible but it said it was on Apple Podcasts and some other stuff so it’s probably elsewhere as well. Listening to the ‘intro’ made my head spin because they spoke Japanese over English voices and my brain wanted to follow both and I had to consciously choose not to. It seems to do that a bit in the actual show, but not as much? I’m not very far into it though.
Seems to be somewhat up my alley so I’m taking it for a whirl. :smiley:


It 100% is. I didn’t read for like a week straight recently. It happens. Back on the horse, did some sort of JP practice every day anyways. In the grand scheme it’s fine :slight_smile:


:sound: Listening Room: Date 20220716 :loud_sound:

Day XXV: せんこうそば :ramen:

Listened to today’s Edo tale! About soba noodle which reminds me, I have soba noodle, must eat

:rofl: :rofl:

This sounds like a great idea! Ghibli movies are the best!
Plus the Japanese isn’t too crazy, so good for ear learning.


July 16th.

I had a call with one of my tutors this morning, which I think counts towards listening practise!

Other than that though, just a teeny bit of listening because I was out for the vast majority of the day. I listened to Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners, Episode 20.

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July 16th
What did I listen to?: はじめてのおつかい
How much time did I spend listening?: 7 episodes (91 min)

Went on a tiny はじめてのおつかい binge this morning :flushed: Something about it is very chill and relaxing :relieved:

Something really cool happened though! I actually caught like a whole entire sentence from start to finish! Like I heard all of the words very clearly and understood it xD Idk how to explain it well, but it stopped being drrrrrrrrrrrrrr gibberish with some known words sprinkled in and turned into all words xD Like, whoa


July 16 :blossom: Home Post

99% of my free time today was occupied by steam deck so not a whole lot of listening; I mostly just watched some let’s plays :man_shrugging: There was a part in Steins;Gate, which I played a bit today, that didn’t have any subtitles so woooo listening in the wild! :joy:

That’s wild, I never would’ve thought of that! That’s really cool though, very interesting concept :eyes:

Yayyyy that’s super awesome, congrats!!! :tada:


Jul 17, Sun of Week 3 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

Today’s story is 幽霊の頼み (:studio_microphone:), a story from 大阪府.


Would you listen to 幽霊の頼み? What’s the risk?

Story impression


A part of reading aloud is indeed rewinding to make sure that I can pronounce correctly, for example, その後 (only one of three entries in Yomichan has a sound file), お腹の子.

I think I can hear pitch accent, but combining with yesterday’s materials, I think pitch is only among many other difficulties…

Yesterday, I watched Hunter x Hunter (2011) without JP subs which in the first 10 minutes or so, I used absolute attention and rewinding. Indeed, better understanding and vocabulary collecting is possible, just harder. Of course, the whole EP is about 30 minutes, and I was interrupted too, so I got tired and gave up.

Gotta admit, though; listening without text makes me try harder in picking out vocabularies based on sound or something harder to hear – it’s probably worth it when the time is right…

Anyway, I think I won’t be watching Hunter x Hunter anime, both of remake and older version (too hard, and not yet time/focus); and probably won’t be reading Hunter x Hunter manga for now. (If anything, I prefer reading the whole long manga series in the future.)

Afterwards, in the morning, I watched となりの怪物くん (with JP sub) a little. I paused every once in while, but it is definitely learnable.


Thurs: Japanese lessons, language exchange.
Fri; yoga, dance, cafe event.
Sat; barbeque event
.sun: kamishibai performance


:sound: Listening Room: Date 20220717 :loud_sound:

Day XXVI: :durtle_yellow_rodent:

Ended up just watching a few episodes of Pokemon today. For some reason I seem to be able to understand Pokemon names and Pokemon move-names the easiest… you know, the least useful things to know in Japanese.

Trying to get Japanese to enter my brain


July 17th!

Today I listened to 2 episodes of JapanesePod101s 800 Core Words series, and an episode of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners.

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Summary Post

July 17th
What did I listen to?: はじめてのおつかい
How much time did I spend listening?: 4 episodes (60 min)

Finished off the rest of the はじめてのおつかい episodes on Netflix…I didn’t really think that through all the way because this week is going to be exhausting and idk what I’m going to listen to now :joy: Why are there only 20 episodes of this :cry:


I started a new audiobook, 仮面病棟, a name which those of you who took part in the Japanese Online Film Festival might recall the movie version of! Incidentally, it’s by the same author as 硝子の塔の殺人 and I’m honestly fascinated by how different the writing style feels. The characterizations are so different between the books!
The audiobook for 硝子の塔の殺人 is much better done with multiple voice actors, this one is just a straight reading by one person just like 殺人ライセンス was.

I listened to a little over an hour which as the audiobook is only ~9 hours long puts a decent chunk of the way through. I’m finding it pretty easy to follow, some of which perhaps is having already seen the movie version and some of it is just that it has vocab which is largely already familiar to me (medical/hospital terms, some crime words). I’ll rate it on Natively when I’m done but right now I’m guessing ~32ish in case anyone else wanted to check it out.