🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

July 6 :blossom: Home Post

My brain feels more like reading today so I just watched one episode of ハイキュー!! I could feel my brain not easily grasping things it normally would’ve :joy: highs and lows in everything! It was part of the 上善寺(じょうぜんじ) match so that was fun anyway; also had a bit of a realization with the connection of their play style and the whole beach volleyball thing? Like most of 上善寺(じょうぜんじ)'s practices are just 2v2 games where everyone has to do everything which is really the same idea as the beach volleyball arc :flushed: no wonder I love 上善寺(じょうぜんじ) lmao. So yeah not the strongest listening day but that’s okay! Progress is progress regardless :muscle: