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July 5 :blossom: Home Post

I went to watch more ハイキュー!! and saw Netflix had the first episode of RWBY: Ice Queendom so I checked it out and wow was that a weird experience :joy: RWBY’s originally an American show so seeing all these characters reimagined in Japanese and in more direct anime style is definitely interesting. It’s like watching a Japanese dub except even more surreal because it’s just its own show actually, wild :laughing:

I also watched another episode of ハイキュー!!; my brain didn’t really wanna watch much so just one, even though the 上善寺(じょうぜんじ) match is up next and I love that one, it might be my favorite :joy: It’s just such a fun match, so I’m looking forward to watching that over the next day or two!!

Omg that’s an incredible word, I don’t know if I’ve ever related to anything more :joy: