🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

Jun 22, Wed of Week 13 of pre-Summer :cherry_blossom: 2022

I realized it might be better to make it a real Listening Every Day Challenge. I will track a week at a time, although the real goal is this last 2 weeks + Summer’s first 2 months. After all, quantity matters a lot, at this stage.

Schedule on the week plan post.

Rather than ticking only for listening everyday, I would give credits for listening longer. I know about , but the icons are far more customizable and beautiful.

Repeating the same track doesn’t count; while anime, movies, or YouTube counts all the same.

  • I installed Podbean on Android, where I can choose Japanese region (and many other regions) to see Japanese podcasts (which are interesting and appear to be quite updated).
    • As far as I have tried, I can’t change Spotify’s region, but of course, there are already some Japanese podcasts. (Probably only as many as on YouTube.)
    • I have always been subscribed to YouTube, so technically, I can play podcasts on YouTube and turn off the screen.
    • Nonetheless, I am worried how much I can tolerate listening to relative poor quality and receiving insufficient information and fun.
  • I decided to unsubscribed from Audiobook.jp. I still have the trial period until 3 July. Of course, I can always resume before then.
  • I watched Death Note on Netflix today, where I have read ahead, but I don’t necessarily catch sounds that well. But not so bad, and I wish the quality will eventually improve.
    • At least, the goal is to know enough vocabularies before listening.
    • I don’t intend to watch ahead of reading, nor do I intend to read ahead of the book club, so there will be a limit…
    • Some other series I might read along watching includes SPY x FAMILY (there is book club, but I would whether it will off-shoot?); and 進撃の巨人 (no book club yet [1], so always my freedom). JoJo might be another option, but I don’t quite like the animation.

  1. albeit mario さん seems to want to read it ↩︎