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May 6th
Today I tried another N4 practice test and scored 40/60 for listening.

And I watched a cooking video about how to make Zundamochi. Usually I don’t watch content intended for native speakers so it was very difficult for me. Luckily the recipe isn’t too complicated so I could still kind of understand what was going on and focus on catching as many words as possible.


May 6th!

Today I listened to the next episode of JapanesePod101’s Lower Intermediate series.

I also watched this video that @polv linked to a few days ago.

I watched it first with no subtitles at all to make sure I was focused on listening, and I understood quite a bit but missed some stuff too, so I watched it a second time with english subs to see what bits I hadn’t managed to understand. Overall I was pretty pleased with how much I understood. Even the bits where I wasn’t sure exactly what was being said I managed to get the main gist of the conversation which is a massive improvement from what I would have understood a few months ago.

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May 6th
What did I listen to?: Speak Japanese Naturally goes to Jinbouchou someone linked this earlier in the thread but I can’t remember who, thank you whoever that was :bowing_woman:
How much time did I spend listening?: ~12 min

Another chill walking video, I like these - this one was way more comprehensible than the Mt. Fuji one (I tried to ignore the subs and was mostly successful - it’s kind of funny though, without subs to support my understanding I could literally feel the delay between me hearing the sound of the words and me processing and understanding what the words are). But I have a question, why are the book shelves built into the outside of that one shop, how do they protect them in the rain D: I like the idea of there being so many secondhand book stores in one place that you can have kind of specialized or themed ones, that sounds fun :smiling_face:


1.R.Y.U.S.E.I. / 三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE
4/5 I have a problem with separation songs from group. I liked it.

2.Sakura / 嵐
2/5 Nothing special

3.愛を叫べ / 嵐
2/5 won’t ever listen to it again

4.青空の下、キミのとなり / 嵐
3/5 oh wow this group had 3 hit songs in 2016

5.Dragon Night / SEKAI NO OWARI
4/5 so cute!!

Wow I really don’t enjoy Arashi

On to 2015!


On top of the book shelves there seem to be some kind of green awnings. Maybe the bookstore staff pull them out when its rainy and use the green curtains to protect the books on the sides as well. Or they simply close the curtains all the way but then the customers wouldn’t be able to access the books anymore.


May 7, Sun of Week 6 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

YUYU on 風姿花伝 and Japan geography.

歴史 [54-55/90] - 江戸時代の終わり

Places and names

Summary Post

May 7th
What did I listen to?: Speak Japanese Naturally goes to Yoyogi Park
How much time did I spend listening?: ~11 min

Chill walking in Yoyogi park~ I didn’t visit this part of the park when I went there (I low-key thought this was going to include Meiji Jingu but I was incorrect lol, still nice though xD). I feel like my stamina started to give out and I started looking at the subs more as the video went on lol

So I creeped on this store on Google and found some more pictures :joy: It does look like they’re a bit more recessed into the wall/under the awning than I first thought. They probably do just close the curtains if it’s really raining, I doubt that many people would want to stand out there in the rain to look at books anyway :joy: Still, I would think that even with the awnings/curtains, the general moisture in the air when it rains would be not great for the books? Though I suppose that if it resulted in any significant damage to the inventory they probably wouldn’t do it lol. It does look pretty :3
Anyway, I’m done pondering the practicality of outdoor bookshelves now lmao sorry


:cherry_blossom: :seedling: 5月6日 and 5月7日 :seedling: :cherry_blossom: (Home Post Link)

5/6 - watched a little bit of mio playing minecraft ~15 minutes
5/7 - watched korone play the new hololive fighting game for ~an hour, but extremely passively.

Listening still been kinda lazy, but trying to make sure I’m doing something every day at least


May 7th!

Just a little listen today - 2 episodes of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners.
I still haven’t decided what to watch next now that I’ve finished Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure.

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2014/2013 top hits

1.GUTS! / 嵐
3/5 It’s hard to judge the song because of my prejudice against Arashi already

2.心のプラカード / AKB48
4/5 It sounds like a group from the 1960s which I enjoy

  1. ラブラドール・レトリバー / AKB48
    4/5 It was fine

4.誰も知らない / 嵐
3/5 hmm not bad

5.Bittersweet / 嵐
2/5 wow Arashi dominated this year

1恋するフォーチュンクッキー / AKB48
3/5 It’s fine

2.さよならクロール / AKB48
3/5 is this the same song as the one I just listened to? Points off for wooing in the song. Plus points for beach vibes

I’m giving up. I Looked at the next few years and it’s mostly Arashi songs and AKB48
Moving to most popular anime songs of all time which seems much funner and more diverse


07/05/2023 :fairy: Home Post Link

2 episodes of Nihongo Con Teppei.

I’m going on a very short trip for 4 days and scared about how to manage my studies lol TT


May 8, Mon of Week 7 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

Some clips on Age of Sails and Japan.

I also listened to 吾輩は猫である on audiobook.jp, but not really established into it yet. Sosekiproject made quite short segments for this series.


:cherry_blossom: Day 38, 5 月 8 日 :herb:

:headphones: Back to my Home Post

:mount_fuji: Nihongo con Teppei - Episode 21 - 22
One more episode about traveling, the other about a more interesting topic: food!

I think I will take some inspiration from てっぺい and do one of my prepared speeches on one of his topics. A good opportunity to learn more words about things I am interested in.


08/05/2023 :fairy: Home Post Link

I was out all day and it’s almost midnight now, but I managed to listen to 2 episodes from Nihongo Con Teppei.

I was so surprised because I understood all of it from both the episodes hehe, but obviously the topics were easy. One was about summers and winters and the other one was about watching TV.

It’s a testing time for me to maintain the streak lol, but I’m glad I enjoyed a lot today!


May 8th!

Today I watched the first episode of 私に天使が舞い降りた, which I picked purely because of it’s low Natively level.
I understood it pretty well, but I’m not going to be continuing with it since it seems to be about a college-age woman who develops an unhealthy infatuation with one of her 5th Grade sisters friends, and tempts her with sweets to dress up in cos-play style outfits and have photos taken while she is clearly uncomfortable with it. :nauseated_face:
So, yea, NOPE, thats not one for me at all.

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:hot_pepper: May 8

Missed updating a bit due to stuff.

Watched Onibaba (1964) two days ago. English subs for this first time viewing. Gave listening my all but the audio isn’t super and there is a lot of screaming.

Listening to around an hour of Edgar Allen Poe stories in Japanese yesterday during in unexpected road-trip.

Tonight I watched three Looney Tunes shorts and Jurassic Park (dubs no subs)


Summary Post

May 8th
Missed because work :upside_down_face:

May 9th
What did I listen to?: Speak Japanese Naturally with fluffy shiba inu
How much time did I spend listening?: ~13 min

I was looking for more chill walking videos on this channel, but this video had a thumbnail of a ridiculously cute dog so of course I clicked on it :joy: Koma-chan the shiba inu :pleading_face: Except for the first scene, the conversation was pretty hard for me to follow :sweat_smile: They talked kind of fast, I feel, and also kind of talked over each other quite a bit, like the back and forth of the conversation was quite fast and didn’t leave time for me to process what the first person had said. Even when they put the subs on I barely had time to read them all in Japanese, I ended up looking at the English more than I wanted to :upside_down_face:


09/05/2023 :fairy:t5: Home Post Link

Two episodes from Nihongo Con Teppei.


May 9, Tue of Week 7 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

歴史 [56-58/90] - 明治維新

Places and names

吾輩は猫である Ch.1 first half. I like read-aloud from sosekiproject more than from audiobook.jp; though from the website is, too long per page. Ch.1 = 1 webpage = 2 audiobook tracks; Ch.2 = 2 webpages = 8 tracks.


May 9th!

Another little listen today - 2 episodes of Nihongo con Teppei.
I’ve had a nice, but busy, day today - so I needed something quick and simple rather than spending ages on trying to pick a new series to watch.

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