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:hot_pepper: May 1

Watched 極主夫道 (live action ver) epidsode 2. Writing and watching episode 3. I wish I had time to watch all of it but I already need to get to bed. ok, I really didn’t have time to watch all of episode 3 but I just had to. These goof balls have some really sweet moments.


May 2, Tue of Week 6 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

I'm allergic to 〜 in Japanese - YouTube. Just something I want to watch on YouTube.

歴史 [42-44/90] - 江戸時代 [4-6/11].

Places and names

こころ (夏目漱石) : (下) 先生と遺書 Ch.37-40.

YUYU on Bocchi the Rock. Seen characters a lot lately, but haven’t watched or read yet.


02/05/2023 :fairy: Home Post Link

Today I watched this video for some listening and conversation practice.

Tried it out because the cartoons looked cute. Understood all the questions but I found the speaking part useless. The example answers were pretty fun though.

It was a smol listening sesh, and I think I prefer vlogs compared to something like this.


:cherry_blossom: Day 32, 5 月 2 日 :herb:

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:arrow_right: Frog video from my new favourite youtube channel. So many frogs! Many fun facts that I want to listen to when my Japanese is better. And obviously the best part is that their ultimate goal is to be bitten by every kind of frog in the world.

:arrow_right: Capybara video 1 :bathtub: , video 2 :tangerine:
One can’t but help to aspire to become as chill as the humble Capybara.

Today I wasn’t feeling like concentrating hard on comprehension, so watching the videos other’s linked in this thread it is.


May 2nd :film_strip:

Today I watched the first episode of Invisible and a little of the second. It’s entertaining so far, although not so captivating that I couldn’t stop watching. This may change later of course, as we go deeper into the story. The setup feels somehow familiar: A master criminal, for mysterious reasons, is helping the police solve and even prevent all sorts of crimes in a very manipulative way. I’m sure I’ve seen it before? Blacklist maybe? I’d only seen a few episodes of that one before I got bored, so I’m not sure.

A good description, although I completely missed the comedy, in the first episode at least. :thinking: Thinking about it now, I guess a couple of scenes had a very, very light touch of fleeting humour.


May 2nd

A few tiny bits of listening today. An episode of Nihongo con Teppei, a video called “Top 10 Compliments You Always Want to Hear” from JapanesePod101 and the video linked by a few people above of a capybara with an orange.

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:cherry_blossom: :seedling: 4月30日、5月1日 and 5月2日 :seedling: :cherry_blossom: (Home Post Link)

4/30 - Nihongo con Teppei Z episode, there was a fun bit about よろしく being abbreviated as 4649
5/1 - moving day! didn’t listen to anything just for listening, but I did listen to an uplift spice and a ヨルシカ album on the drive up so sorta kinda still did something
5/2 - 【#朝ミオ 】5月だ~!おはみぉーん☀ - YouTube ~20 min - today’s theme was food that you want to eat on break, some very funny responses :laughing:, plus a bonus very important capybara video

Good Words:
ぽちぽち ー spattering; splotching​
ぱくぱく ー repeatedly opening and closing (one’s mouth); heartily (eating); devouring (I seem to remember a story about early studio ghibli where takahata earned the nickname パクさん because of how he ate his toast)
プチシュー ー cream puffs (I think?)


There’s a couple intentionally fun moment buts if I’m being honest I often find some ultra serious shows to be utterly hilarious. I’m not sure if it’s a cultural difference either as I haven’t regularly watched American TV in ~15 years.
For example, I still have no idea if Rika Reverse (trailer) is supposed to be a comedy, but I was laughing my butt off every episode.

This is accurate. I’m currently on episode four. The plot is interesting enough, although the development is a bit haphazard feeling. I’m greatly enjoying the main lady as I’d previously only ever seen the actress as the main detective in Galileo and I hated her character there. She plays a much better dangerous+intelligent type than a bumbling damsel with handcuffs.


This name reminds me of something. Isn’t it supposed to be based on a particularly scary horror book or something? The trailer sure looks hilarious, but I’m not sure it’s intentional.


I own the book but I haven’t read it yet. I’ve seen some of the original show (just ‘Rika’) and it was also funny, but not as much so, and I tried watching the movie version and it was actually quite uncomfortable to watch. It still had some dark hilarity but one scene just went too far for my comfort.

Spoiler for the movie and also just gross:

You think that Rika has killed the man she’s obsessed with because you’re shown all the body parts she has cut off of him, but it’s finally revealed that she’s actually keeping him alive – blind and immobile, by force feeding him. Like ‘Johnny Got His Gun’ (if you’ve read that) except the man doesn’t want to be alive. When he finally dies by choking during one of his force feedings she shoves what remains of him in a suitcase and abandons it somewhere outside.
Prior to finding out he was being kept alive the body mutilation was dark, but finding out he was alive tipped it into gross and horrifying.


:hot_pepper: May 2

Two more episodes of 極主夫道. 美久’s mother is played by an actress I recognized as a Terrace House host. Goes by the name You. I find her voice intriguing.
I love the 極主夫道 manga but these forty-five minute live action episodes have brought it to such an unexpected wonderful place for me. Funny to the point that I have to restrain myself. Stifling my laughter to avoid waking people.


May 3, Wed of Week 6 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

歴史 [45/90] - 江戸時代 [7/11].

Places and names

こころ (夏目漱石) : (下) 先生と遺書 Ch.41-44.

日本語の森 on 一人焼肉.


03/05/2023 :fairy: Home Post Link

3 episodes from Japanese with Shun. I’m genuinely curious about Shun’s life now, mostly because it’s so different from mine (duh) and because I like to romanticize strangers’ lives.

The episodes are getting a little harder to understand. I think, to match the pace of reading/listening resources, I really need to start focusing more on grammar. Otherwise, the episodes were really fun. They were about karaoke, toilets in Japan, and sleep. The karaoke episode was hard to understand because it had really difficult and new words.


:cherry_blossom: Day 33, 5 月 3 日 :herb:

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:mount_fuji: Nihongo con Teppei - Episode 15 - 16
They’re starting to get a bit more tough now.


We did some listening (and interpreting) in class yesterday, using this video. If you ever wanted to learn about Japanese wood architecture and about Japanese architect Kuma Kengo, this is your chance. :slight_smile:


May 3rd!

Today I watched the final episode of Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure.
I enjoyed this series, though I found it a bit tougher to understand overall than Rilakkuma and Kaoru was - possibly because the theme park setting meant that there was more vocab that I was unfamiliar with.

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Summary Post

May 2nd
Missed :upside_down_face: I was exhausted, had to work later than planned, and my computer decided to have a mental breakdown after that, so…yeah lol

May 3rd
What did I listen to?: The Akane Nara vlog (thank you @pyr_3 for recommending~)
How much time did I spend listening?: ~10 min

I confess I did skip the opening part where she was talking about some sort of event - forget that, give me deer LOL. This vlog reminded me of my first trip to Japan (where I also went to Nara, but that’s not why it reminded me of that lol - it was more just that feeling of walking around, and seeing the streets, and the train stations…why is Japan so relaxing and pretty)


:cherry_blossom: :seedling: 5月3日 :seedling: :cherry_blossom:


the fruits of my 牛丼 deep dive a few days ago

Probably the first thing I’ve made just from watching videos/reading recipes in japanese! Not a particularly hard thing to make, and some things i had to kinda figure out on the fly, but still!


Late starter!
I want to go through the top songs on the music charts.


1.残響散歌 / Aimer(エメ)
~4/5☆ Beginning noise bugs me for some reason

2.W / X / Y / Tani Yuuki
~4/5 Really liked this song when it first came out but grew tired of it.

3.ベテルギウス / 優里
~4/5 beautiful voice!

4.ミックスナッツ / Official髭男dism
~2/5 like the chorus but it’s too noisy

5.ドライフラワー / 優里
~4/5 If you have a good singing voice please sing this at karaoke

On to 2021

1.ドライフラワー / 優里- skipped. Already listened to this

2.Dynamite / BTS- skipped. Not a Japanese song

3.夜に駆ける / YOASOBI
~4/5 it’s a good song

4.炎 / LiSA
~3/5 great singer. But not my kinda song

5.怪物 / YOASOBI
~5/5 This is one of the songs that I’ve been listening to on repeat for a long time. It deserves a 5

Well that was fun. Kind of thinking I want to listen to top anime songs of all time instead but for now I’ll stick to year end charts

On to 2020! Oh I remember that year


:hot_pepper: May 3

Read Real Japanese Essays again today. 料理 角田光代. Listened, listened reading along, thorough read through, listened again. A noticeable step up in difficulty from the previous essays.