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Today I listened to the Nihongo Con Teppei episodes 130-134.

Episode 131 is called 変わっていくもの、変わらないものについて!and I understand that it means something like “About things that change and things that don’t change”. I haven’t learned ~ていく yet but based on a quick google search it means that something changes gradually or moves away from the speaker gradually, right?

Can anyone explain the difference between ~ていく and ~ている to me? I’m assuming that ~ている just means that something happens continuously over a period of time without necessarily changing anything while ~ていく emphasizes a gradual change/move…?

Is the following example correct?
田中さんは運転しています。= Mr. Tanaka is driving.
田中さんは運転していきます。= Mr. Tanaka is driving away.

But in this case 変わる in itself already means “to change”. Is there a difference in meaning between 変わっている and 変わっていく? I would translate both of them to “something is changing”.