🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Spring 2023 🌼 🌱

4月2-4日 :cherry_blossom:

Listened: ホロスタワード人狼
Over these three days I watched this livestream of some of the Holostars members playing word wolf, which is a game where everyone’s given a matching word except one person, the werewolf, gets a different but similar word. They then have to ask questions to try and figure out who’s the werewolf with the different topic without being too specific because the werewolf can also win by figuring out their topic. I love any sort of werewolf-esque game so this was really fun to listen to. Language-wise I’ll feel like I’m understanding a lot until two or more people start speaking at the same time and then my brain turns off and I need to skip back and relisten a bit.


とんとん even; equal; break-even
こみ including; inclusive of​
まちまち various; diverse; different; divergent; divided; conflicting
形態 けいたい form; shape; figure
集計 しゅうけい totalization; totalisation; aggregation; tally (e.g. of votes); adding up; summing up