🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Spring 2023 🌼 🌱

Summary Post

May 31st
What did I listen to?: Akane takes a taxi
How much time did I spend listening?: ~12 min

Continuing on the theme of “everyday situations that give me anxiety” :joy: The taxi app she mentioned sounds kind of interesting, I’m not sure I totally understood correctly but it sounds kind of like Curb or something where you like…Uber the taxi and pay through the app :joy: I wonder if tourists can use it or if you have to have a JP credit card or something of that nature. Not that there’s a lot of need to take a taxi as a tourist (like she kind of said, I’ve never needed one while I was there, I just took trains and the occasional bus and that got me anywhere I needed to go). But it would be nice to have the option in a more rural area. Although I suppose the more rural area taxis probably don’t use the apps :joy: I just like apps because I never know what anything costs and I’m paranoid about not having the right amount of money on me (even if I have like…more money in my wallet than I would ever realistically need :see_no_evil: I have to have like twice what it could ever possibly cost in order to feel assured that I have enough xD I think I would actually die on the spot if I took a taxi and it turned out I didn’t have enough money, like literally just have a heart attack and die right there on the floor)

And with that, the challenge is over! The is BY FAR the best I have EVER done at a Listen Every Day Challenge, wow - I only missed 3 days out of 31!!! That’s 90%! Compared to the winter challenge, where I missed over half the days (and that, at the time, was like a personal best for me in terms of the percentage of days completed in a listening challenge :joy:) What we have learned from this is that my brain likes walking videos, travel videos, kind of mundane little “here’s how to be a person” videos. I will have to keep this in mind xD