🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Spring 2023 🌼 🌱

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May 7th

I watched the video about Jinbouchou by Speak Japanese Naturally. This one was way easier to understand than the one about Mount Fuji. But I had just woken up when I watched it which made it a bit harder to stay concentrated.
Later I listened to the Nihongo con Teppei episodes 173-175.

May 8th

I got a little unmotivated again so I only watched Akane’s Korea vlog. I ate something crunchy while watching so it was hard to hear what she was saying sometimes and I resorted to reading the subtitles from time to time.

May 9th

I listened to the Japanese with Shun episodes 15 and 16. His podcast is so much easier than his youtube videos that I have watched so far.

May 10th

I watched Naoko make tofu and realized that there are only a few of her videos left that I haven’t watched yet. :frowning: This one was an older video and I was surprised by how many english translations she showed on screen. I’m glad that she has changed her approach since then and only shows translations very rarely now. Overall I was happy with my understanding.
Next I tried Akane’s Kyoto vlog. This one was very difficult for me - especially when she was talking to her friend. When I watched the video a second time while reading the subtitles I could understand a lot more but still not all of it.

May 11th

Today I went for Akane’s Shin-Yokohama vlog where she taught a lot of phrases and words to use in trains and shops. I really enjoyed the video - especially the ramen museum part. It was very interesting and looked so cool!
After that I remembered that I hadn’t watched any Comprehensible Japanese videos in a while so I decided to watch the one about obon festival. It was very interesting! I finally learned what the cucumber horse and the eggplant cow items in Animal Crossing are about. :smile: