🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Spring 2023 🌼 🌱

:cherry_blossom: Day 14, 4 月 14 日 :herb:

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Tongue twister time! These were really fun, so I might look for more of them. The ones I practiced today were:

  • 生麦生米生卵 - this one doesn’t seem so hard at first, I suppose with enough repetitions and speed it’ll become tricky
  • スモモも 桃も 桃のうち - aough the pain. A great example sentence for why Japanese having three different writing systems is good, actually.
  • 坊主が びょうぶに 上手な 坊主の 絵を かいた - this one is really nice and I like the rhythm of the entire sentence.