🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Spring 2023 🌼 🌱

Home Post :hatching_chick:

I had a lot of fun today! I watched another one of Akane’s vlogs (this one was about Gifu) and this time she showed lots of nice places in her video. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot! The way the waiter talks (7:15-8:47) reminds me of a flight attendant reciting the safety instructions on a plane before take-off. :laughing: That’s how it sounds in my native language at least. I’ve never heard japanese safety instructions on a plane before.

After that I watched her video about buying and using Suica cards.

Last but not least I watched a Comprehensible Japanese video about the Tanabata Festival. I noticed pretty quickly that I had already read a text about the legend behind the festival in my Genki book but I kept watching anyway. Already knowing the story definitely helped with understanding. :wink: