🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Spring 2023 🌼 🌱

4月5~10日 :cherry_blossom:

5th: Flesh&Blood drama CD
6th: Played 剣が君
7th: スタ雑 (Rio Ch.)
8th: Played 剣が君
9th: スタ雑 (Rio Ch.)
10th: スタ雑 (Rio Ch.) + 彼女が公爵邸に行った理由 1話
Today I finished watching this group 雑談. This somehow ended up starting out as a long conversation about rice cookers at different price points and the difference in the quality of the rice they make lol. Then I watched the first episode of 彼女が公爵邸に行った理由. Watching on crunchyroll where there’s no japanese sub option so I’m stuck with no subs, which mainly meant a lot of skipping back and replaying. Still didn’t go too bad, it helps a lot that I’ve read the source material though (luckily the case for everything I want to watch this anime season).


砒素(ひそ)arsenic (As)
制定(せいてい)enactment; establishment; creation
玉璽(ぎょくじ)sovereign’s seal
一(いち)か八(ばち)かsink or swim; all or nothing; hit or miss; make or break