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:speaker::desktop_computer: 【ASMR風】ささやき声で睡眠導入 :night_with_stars::sparkles:【Unpacking】:package: (1:05:21)

ok so this vtuber let’s-play video gave me more listening time in one go than anything else i’ve listened to recently :sob:

I wasn’t sure what to expect since this is titled as “asmr whispering voice” but she actually speaks loudly and quickly the entire way through haha. She’s playing “Unpacking” - one of my favorite puzzle games - but is so baffled by like 50% of all of the things she’s unpacking in these obviously western/probably american houses. The exasperated and entirely confused 「こっこれ何?何これ??」at, like, the wooden x-shaped dish rack and not knowing which room to put it had me crying laughing :sob: And the song she couldn’t help but belt out when she realized the “twist” about the people living in the final house (that sounds cryptic but I’m avoiding spoilers) :sweat_smile:

But, in general, this ended up being really great practice for just hearing a normal person talk to themselves about everyday life items. The full video is like 3hrs and I genuinely think I want to finish watching it haha

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