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:speaker::blue_book: 新完全マスター N3 Choukai (~7:00)

Had a hectic day today, so I chose to ignore youtube and give my shinkanzen choukai book a little attention instead. The speed is very doable, so if that’s the JLPT exam speed I think I’ll be okay. But I’m struggling with the vocabulary in the scripts themselves. I listened once to a problem and tried to answer the question on my own before flipping to the page with the script and reading along as I listened. There wasn’t anything that I “misunderstood” between them per se, like the grammar was completely fine and I could tell which syllables were being said, but there were definitely some pivotal words that I just straight up did not know. Even before giving up and looking up the words in the dictionary, the kanji stumped me, too! Just more motivation to give building my vocabulary more attention, I guess ( = ⩊ = )

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