🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2023 🍁 🍂 - Volunteer needed to keep the challenge going!

:headphones::mushroom: taiyousea’s listening challenge :fallen_leaf::loud_sound:
my study log

:speaker::desktop_computer: Interview with『遠巷説百物語』author Kyōgoku Natsuhiko (9:36)

  • Lots of specialty ghost-related and horror-related vocab! Super interesting. Kyōgoku seems like a fascinating guy; he’s the president of 世界妖怪協会 the World Yōkai Society and has been writing ghost stories for many years.

:speaker::desktop_computer: Takarazuka Revue: Promo Video “Augustus” and “Cool Beast” (6:28)

  • Watched as a guilty pleasure :3 I love watching Takarazuka performances and swooning over Yuzuka Rei

:speaker::memo: JLPT N3 Listening Practice (thru 4:47)

  • Running out of time, so I just did rei through 3. Number 1, the ordering one, was quite difficult for me to figure out? But the others were much easier. The audio is super crunchy so it’s very authentic lol

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