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October 1st:
:speaker: :desktop_computer: Miku Life Update / Life in Bali (14:36)

I love Miku’s videos, she’s so easy to listen to and always interesting! In this video, she talks about what her time in Bali has been like so far. She started by explaining her teaching background, how she’s always lived something like a “digital nomad” lifestyle (she seems to enjoy using this phrase today lol) and has traveled the world to learn and teach a lot in her life.

In Bali, she first notes how peaceful and friendly the atmosphere and people are. She’s surprised by how ecologically friendly (is this the best way to translate エコ意識が高い? ecologically conscious?) the country is, how there are no plastic straws or plastic utensils where Japan is very plastic-centric. I was really fascinated when she started talking about the Balinese religious practices and many of them have direct comparisons to ancient and respected Japanese practices, such as using water to purify one’s body in a type of worship (she explained how this is called 禊 / みそぎ in Shinto practices). She talks a little more about temples and wildlife, and wraps up the video by laughing at how crazy the street traffic is organized in Bali, which reminds me of traffic in Thailand.

In all, I didn’t have to read along with the Japanese subtitles much except to figure out set phrases every so often. She speaks fairly quickly in this video, which I’m trying to improve my understanding of, and what I could parse was very understandable. A nice start to this challenge for me! ^–^

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