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10月23日 (月)

世界の最新ニュースDaily brief (~7 min)
YUYU 14 and 15 (~23 min total): one was about 妖怪, and the other on オノマトペ
Tobira: ~6 min of audio

10月24日 (火)

世界の最新ニュースDaily brief (~7 min)
ことのは日本語の会話 46 (~25 min): this was a more advanced episode as requested by users, where they tried to talk as natural as possible (in a higher speed). I really enjoyed it. I could follow the conversation, but what really stood out to me were the use of filler words and their conversation style (あのね、さ、ね, etc. さ in particular was used several times in a sentence sometimes!)

10月25日 (水)

こつこつ日本語 86 and 87 (~25 min): one was about 大麻 (ironic, as I was already bothered by this smell in the morning) and the other was on 男性の日傘, which was super interesting.

10月26日 (木)

Everyday Japanese with Sayuri 186 (~16 min): an interesting episode on 青春きっぷ
Learn Japanese with Noriko 89 (~8 min)

I managed to keep my daily listening quite diverse, which makes me happy. My commute involves a 15 min walk, which means I can get almost 30 min of daily listening practice if I want to, which is great (plus i just enjoy the walk anyway). Ah, I also started watching the live action of Kiyo in Kyoto some time this week, and watched 3 episodes up to now, but I don’t remember on which days I watched each one of them.