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:speaker::desktop_computer: 旅する美少女ハンター三人組!:1【FINAL FANTASY X-2】:dancer::crystal_ball: (22:38)

The next FFX-2 stream from Hitsuji was the proper start of the game, since she began with the Eternal Calm interlude that I watched yesterday. When I played this game as a kid, I hadn’t heard of FFX (or any Final Fantasy, really) so I played X-2 with a completely new perspective. It’s so delightful to hear Hitsuji play this game coming from FFX because I never realized how exciting it is to the player for there to be a Yuna-not-Yuna mystery in the beginning. She was absolutely losing her mind when Rikku and Paine (named リュック and パイン in Japanese - that was new info to me!) had to start fighting “Yuna” right off the bat. Sorry if this information is boring to you all, I’m having such a nice time revisiting my old favorites from the perspective of a new language :sweat_smile:

:speaker::memo: 日本語の森 JLPT N3 言葉プレイリスト (8:42)

日本語の森 kotoba #7 today! I might flip through their other videos and add some of the grammar videos to my next rotation :slight_smile:

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