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:headphones::mushroom: taiyousea’s listening challenge :fallen_leaf::loud_sound:
my study log

:speaker::desktop_computer: 永遠のナギ節、新しい旅の始まり:0【FINAL FANTASY X-2】:dancer::crystal_ball: (18:16)

i found a different let’s-play streamer for ffx-2 named Hitsuji羊 and she’s never played this game before! she’s a bit more lively than the guy from yesterday’s video, so i don’t mind stepping back slightly in the story to hear her thoughts as she plays. she included the Eternal Calm interlude, which most people skip, so it was nice to see it again. it’s exciting to hear live reactions from someone who hasn’t played the game before and doesn’t have every single moment memorized beat-by-beat (like me aha) :sweat_smile:

:speaker::memo: 日本語の森 JLPT N3 言葉プレイリスト (8:32)

back to の森 kotoba videos! this one had significantly more words in it than the previous videos, more to learn! ^–^

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