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:speaker::desktop_computer: 夜ふかしおっちょ :star2:【星のカービィ ディスカバリー】 (18:32 - 30:22)

I enjoy listening to Occho a lot but this Kirby game isn’t really the type of game I like to play. I found myself losing interest from fight after fight, so I said goodbye at the 30min mark. I’ll go back and check out other Occho videos later but this actually inspired me to look for a playthrough of another favorite of mine…

:speaker::desktop_computer: 「ファイナルファンタジーX-2 (PS4)」Part 1【FF10-2】:dancer::crystal_ball: (18:52)

My first video game obsession, FFX-2! Totally unnecessary storytime, but when I was a kid I was so in love with this game for PS2. I went to the game shop back in maybe '04 and saw the logo for it on a music CD, assuming it was the soundtrack. I was so excited to listen to it, I immediately put it in the car stereo while my dad drove me home. I recognized the songs, but the words were totally unintelligible - it was my first time ever hearing Japanese! My dad and I laughed at the unexpected surprise, but I still have and treasure that CD to this day (well-worn from lots of listening, the booklet featuring doodles by my younger self).

It was so nostalgic to hear the intro for FFX-2 on this playthrough. The narrating player has a quiet and kind demeanor - I may seek out a different player whose energy matches mine a bit more, but I enjoyed what I watched today („• ֊ •„)

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