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:headphones::mushroom: taiyousea’s listening challenge :fallen_leaf::loud_sound:
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:speaker::desktop_computer: 夜ふかしおっちょ【星のカービィ ディスカバリー】:star2: (18:42)

After I finished her Unpacking let’s-play video I really wanted to find another Occho video to watch! Her personality is bubbly and funny, so I’m glad she has more playthroughs. This one is for a new Kirby game, a franchise that I find cute though not super interesting, but there is a significant post-apocalypse vibe to this game despite being very bright and adorable?? Obsessed with that. There’s a part where Kirby can, like, suck up a car to gain vehicle powers (idk what the verbiage is here lmaooo) but somehow the image of him being car-shaped had me DYING, his eyes on the grille and his feet flopping at the back, and Occho is like “Nintendo, WHY?!”

:speaker::memo: 日本語の森 JLPT N3 言葉プレイリスト (5:01)

There are only 50 days until the JLPT… gulp :grimacing: I’d love to only watch gaming videos for my listening practice but I think some proper learning is now also obligatory :sweat_smile: But 日本語の森 is amazing so it’s okay!

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