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:headphones::mushroom: taiyousea’s listening challenge :fallen_leaf::loud_sound:
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:speaker::memo: 日本語の森 JLPT N3 言葉プレイリスト (~7:00)

Took inspiration to listen to these from @lucylavelle! I usually avoid JLPT prep / grammar videos for listening practice because a lot of them are mostly in English (sorry, ゲーム言語…), but nihongo no mori is entirely in Japanese and I really love their teaching style.

I watched a bit of their vocabulary playlist but I think I will switch to grammar next time to get good exposure to both (ᵔ◡ᵔ) if you’re studying for N3-N1, give them a listen! The explanations are very much the same way of teaching that an in-person class has.

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