🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2023 🍁 🍂 - Volunteer needed to keep the challenge going!

:headphones::mushroom: taiyousea’s listening challenge :fallen_leaf::loud_sound:
my study log

:speaker::desktop_computer: 【ASMR風】ささやき声で睡眠導入 :night_with_stars::sparkles:【Unpacking】:package: (+35:21)

I was unfortunately detained by chores, engagements, and responsibilities this weekend so I had to miss three nights in a row for the listening challenge :disappointed: I got lots of music listening time in, but I usually always do (general tip: do not hand me the aux unless you like j-pop). I was just very aware of the weekend going by without me having a chance to sit down with some active listening :pray: apologies

I resumed the Unpacking v-tuber video for 35 more minutes from where I’d left off after Thursday’s report. Despite her constant narration, she’s actually quite relaxing to listen to lol. She talks herself through problem-solving the puzzle so there’s always something productive to hear. I’ve also learned a lot from her about this game and new ways to interact with it the next time I decide to play. See you tomorrow!

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