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I may be biased, but my vote’s for :sunglasses:.


:fallen_leaf: Day 39, 8th of November :maple_leaf:

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Watched the second episode of Mononoke, because I just wanted to watch something pretty. No idea what people were saying, but the symbolism made the story pretty clear.

Btw tiny hand


November 8 :film_strip::chart_with_upwards_trend:

Reached level 40 in Migaku, and of course I haven’t had another perfect run yet. It’s fine. My subscription runs out in about a week. I’m not using any other Mikagu features, but I’m enjoying the trainer. No idea whether it’s worth renewing. Probably not? I’ll decide when the time comes.

And episode 23 of Parasyte. I didn’t expect so many ecological concerns in a horror anime about alien parasites, but then again it makes sense. We all know humans are the real monsters. Last episode tomorrow.


November 8th.

I watched the final episode of Madoka Magica today.
I originally picked it out as something that I probably wouldn’t be super interested in the storyline of and would therefore be ok to watch in a very start-stop way for the sake of learning, without feeling like I’d spoiled my enjoyment of it.
But I actually ended up really enjoying it. I should have guessed that I would really since my favourite anime in my teen years were all very typical shoujo and quite heavy on magical girls - so that sort of thing makes me feel really nostalgic now.

I need to decide what to watch next now though…

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I was in a mood today where everything I tried to watch was terrible. I ended up watching the 4th episode of some low budget, over dramatic romance. Good times, don’t regret it. No idea if I’ll ever watch it again.


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November 8th:

A bit of Satori Reader and an episode of Terrace House. Lauren, arguably my favorite cast member, left the show. I think she’s my favorite because there’s an awkwardness about her and I can tell she’s at least somewhat nervous about her Japanese speaking skills, which is just incredibly relatable. I’ll be interested in seeing if this has an effect on my enjoyment of the show.

I know you were interested in watching horror-related content. Have you tried Cabinet of Curiosities on Netflix? I believe it has a Japanese dub.


November 9 :film_strip::chart_with_upwards_trend:

Final episode of Parasyte. It got rather philosophical there at the end.

And level 41 in Migaku. Up to level 39 it was simple words only, but now phrases are included too. Nice! My scores ranged from 25 to 28/30, but interestingly enough all but one of the mistakes were still in simple words, not in phrases like I might expect. I feel like I’m making good progress in hearing pitch, but I’m not quite there yet.

Ooh, thanks, I think I may check it out tomorrow.


Made the mistake of giving into the power of avoidance a lot yesterday. It was raining a lot so dog walks were cancelled, consequently Teppi and the dog sat in the corner giving me the eye. Also the N5 listening book was on my desk staring at me all day too. But work got unexpectedly busy, so between the weather and the work, and the ever present avoidance/ego/confidence cocktail, I was quite close to losing my streak and not doing anything. Pulled it together with a single listening practice drill and then the たなばた story from the back of the genki book just before bedtime to keep the run going. So hard not to get into a doom loop of not motivated to practice as not good, then all the other skills increase at it’s expense, and the loop starts over. Must try harder to make listening to some Japanese part of my routine, but most evening I’m sat at my kitchen table studying whilst the TV is dominated by something dire the rest of the family are watching.


Nov 9, Wed of Week 7 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today I am a little troubled by choosing a next series to watch – I feel especially choosy today. Connected to VPN and looked at Netflix, and considered J-drama as well – can’t pick one. So, I looked at Youtube.

NHK series might be nice, but there are no native JP sub, only auto-generated one; so I watched the Japan Foundation’s instead. Several news channel, from what I have seen, might not be able to enable any subtitle at all.

I turned off subtitle (closed captioning), though; but used transcript instead. A pro is Transcript + Playlist = Related videos being pushed below the screen bottom. (There is a Chrome extension that can hide this as well - Enhancer for YouTube™ - Chrome Web Store) Another pro is I would look at transcript only when I need to, as well as I can precisely rewind when I want to.

I watched this one from NHK – [攻め旅] タイ 世界遺産近くの川にトレジャーハンターは実在した!お宝探しで家まで建てた男の生活とは | これって攻めすぎ!?世界旅行 | NHK - YouTube. Yeah, it’s about Bangkok, Thailand. With enough text and perhaps Kanji, I can generally understand the content.

I watched 3 episodes (out of 6) of Translator Spotlight from the Japan Foundation.


:fallen_leaf: Day 40, 9th of November :maple_leaf:

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Watched episode 6 of あかがみんクラフトclassic. They wanted to build a farm but kept getting distracted, which was very entertaining.


November 9th!

Just a little bit of listening today. I listened to a another Top 400 Activities lesson from JapanesePod101. Todays topic was “hanging out”.
I learned a new word from it - 掘り出し物 which means a bargain or a lucky find.

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Summary Post

November 9th
What did I listen to?: A Series of Unfortunate Events Ep 6
How much time did I spend listening?: 45 min-ish (whole episode)

quietly sneaks back into the thread
Helloooo everyone, 久しぶりですね~~ :sweat_smile:
Definitely missed almost a whole month of this challenge, whoops
Also have not been reading recently
Struggle is real :upside_down_face:

I watch the next episode of this, though, finally.
In this episode, the Baudelaires decode a secret message from the spelling/grammatical errors in a letter, but the subtitles didn’t match the speaking and I really would have needed a transcript to look at what was going on in depth with the Japanese adaptation of this scene because listening skill bad and speed reading skill also bad xD It seemed like they were just going with the fact that the letter containing the message is visibly written in English - while the Baudelaires were discussing the letter/what it said and “reading” its contents in Japanese, they were still putting together the English letters to form the word. Talented bilingual children, apparently :joy: At least I’m pretty sure that’s what the subs were going for, I still feel like I didn’t really get the best grasp on the dub there :sob:


I watched some random youtube stuff, one interesting video that I suspect @omk3 will like the channel based on the name, although unsure about this particular video:

I admit I found it while looking to see if a good video had bee made about a murderer nicknamed 鬼熊 :joy:

edit: oh hey I found a good one: 村ぐるみで殺人犯を隠蔽…鬼熊事件とは - YouTube


November 10 :film_strip::chart_with_upwards_trend:

I watched the video @pocketcat linked, but was only half-paying attention and didn’t understand all that much. It looks like it might be an interesting channel though, so I bookmarked for later.

Then I considered Cabinet of Curiosities, but I didn’t want to watch something long (episodes are 45 minutes), so in the end opted for rewatching Paranoia Agent (episode 1 today) online. I had loved this when I first watched it many years ago, and it felt just as good today. There were English subtitles baked in that I’d like to be able to remove or substitute with Japanese ones, but I can’t even find a dvd to buy around here and it’s not on Netflix, even though Paprika and Tokyo Godfathers (all by Satoshi Kon) are. I wonder why.

On Migaku, I did rather terribly today, had 10 mistakes in one session. Right when I’m feeling confident I’m getting better, I get a reality slap. Anyway, I pressed on, and did reach level 42.


Managed to do about half an hour, 40 minutes of my jlpt n5 book listening drills. Did a spinning class for charity at lunchtime, spent the rest of the day (and this morning) regretting it. On the plus side I practiced saying 疲れています a lot


Nov 10, Thu of Week 7 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

I watched 2 more episodes of Translator Spotlight from the Japan Foundation, so 5 in total. The latter 1 is in spoken in English, so I don’t want to watch that now.

Then, I watched an episode of The Crown on Netflix. Well, about Queen Elizabeth, but with JP dub and sub. Subtitle mismatch is expected, anyway – listened harder, but I also looked at transcript (via Language Reactor). I don’t read at all if there are too many mismatches. Probably easier than total listening, but there are so many unknowns…

Hidden English sub-on-hover in transcript side-panel helps. I don’t like the built-in hover dictionary, but English transcript helps in a different way. It also helps that only see it when I hover, when I really need to. Perhaps a little of JP audio to English clauses.


:fallen_leaf: Day 41, 10th of November :maple_leaf:

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More あかがみんクラフトclassic, this time in episode 7 they finally managed to build the farm and started on the ranch. It’s fun to listen to friend groups talk to each other, and you also get to hear language that isn’t taught in textbooks, like calling someone たこ when they’re being a dummy.


Similarly to the reading challenge thread, wanted to get into the habit of listening/watching more which I do very little lol
I’m always having trouble finding something to listen that’s engaging enough that I’m not zoning out in a minute :smiley:

Currently watching small Vtuber type of live streams sometimes, anime with subs (and usually one without too) but not much else. I started watching a lets play on YT - usually not really my type of thing, but the first episode was interesting enough that I’ll try to continue.

Loose goals again: at the very least listen to something daily. Said live stream if happening, otherwise couple anime episodes or a lets play episode…
Finishing the currently released パンダ家族の日常 vids on YT seems like a nice goal


November 10th!

I decided to do something a bit different today, and watched Indie World 2022.11.10 - YouTube

I’ll be honest, I didn’t understand much but I was able to follow along with some bits, and it was fun to watch even without understanding a lot of what was being said.
Definitely going to look up some of these games to find out more about them in english now though :grin:

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I’ve become fascinated with this channel:

Basically a ton of scandals / crimes / etc being narrated in a very excited voice using a comic style format. Difficulty of the video varies a bit depending on what the case is. There seem to be other videos outside that topic but all the ones I’ve watched are about crime. Most so far have been pretty dark so not linking directly.