🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

Oct 8, Sat of Week 2 of Fall :maple_leaf: 2022

Today, I went in a car with my family to renew the passport, so I got a chance to visit (2) Kinokuniya bookstores. On the route, I watched YouTube, because I can’t read anyway. Onomappu is as interesting as ever, in particular –

I watched 2 of Onomappu’s.

I also watched 日本の森, and I found an interesting one explaining songs.

Well, I liked this artist a while ago (several months ago), but I can’t remember the song’s name (although I perfectly remember the tune).

I also listened to other songs being explained. I found a song in particular being shadow-banned by YouTube.

To be honest, several years ago, when I was actively doing WaniKani, I can’t tolerate 日本の森, even with subtitle; but I rarely need to look up anything in the subtitle nowadays. (Well, I noticed several months ago.) Listening alone is probably alright too, although I am not sure I should do that yet.

I arrived at the shopping center a little carsick. There was quite a traffic jam just on entering the building before parking.

Then, when I have some time alone (during book-shopping), I listened to a whole playlist of Yonezu. (Well, I like the rhythm, and I listened to around 22/33 minutes.)

While I don’t feel the music particularly effective for learning, it can be listened with very little stress, and reflecting whether I really understand the lyrics or not. (I don’t really, although if I sing, I might understand a little more.)

I bought a piano music score book (of Japanese songs), and another book featuring several smart peoples (celebs?).

Before the trip, I also watched 1.5 episodes of HUNTER x HUNTER.