🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

Oct 7, Fri of Week 2 of Fall :maple_leaf: 2022

I have started yurucamp S2 on Netflix (now at Ep.3), and continued HUNTER x HUNTER (1999) as ever.

However, a problem with Netflix, as well as audiobook.jp and many other YouTube’s – loudness is too low. Not loud enough with laptop speakers, and sometimes with smartphone and headphones and surrounding noise… Also, Netflix doesn’t allow screen capture, but this is a relatively small problem (probably with pro on focus as well).

Now at HUNTER x HUNTER Ep.53, which is a little further than my manga reading. First hurdle I can see is vocabularies, as generated subtitles aren’t accurate anyway, even with not-in-dictionary pseudo-vocabularies; but then I can easily see that knowing more vocabularies helps. As long as I learn more some other ways, it should eventually be fine, I guess.

I listened to a little of voice actors’ drama audio a few days ago, and I find it just touchable. Last week I also found Nihongo SWITCH on Podbean, which isn’t so bad. (My understanding was ok, but not yet good enough, and I realized there are transcripts.)