🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

Summary Post

November 23rd
What did I listen to?: ONEUS 日本アルバム「Dopamine」リリース記念特番
How much time did I spend listening?: 1 hour, 15 min

I am currently out of town again so I really didn’t think I’d be doing any reading or listening during this period, but lo and behold, Oneus is promoting in Japan right now and they did a live stream thing earlier today so I thought, what the heck, let’s give it a go xD (For context, Oneus is a k-pop group and I love them with my whole entire heart). They introduced themselves in Japanese at the beginning and I thought this was so cute - one of the members’ names is Keonhee (건희), which gets katakana’ed as ゴニ, so he introduced himself like

PLEASE KEONHEEEE I love him :joy:

More rambling about my experience watching this stream

The first part of the stream was interview-style, with them talking about their new Japanese album release and their time in Japan (they’ve been doing promotional events there for the past few weeks, and they just did a couple of concerts there as well). THE HOST TALKS SO FAST JEEZ like it is just a stream of syllables with no discernable word breaks or sentence breaks or pauses kshdfskjsvnxm help me (I think the boys were a little “help me” too sometimes LOL, none of them are fluent in Japanese, but the host also seemed to be flipping back and forth between Japanese and Korean to translate what she was saying to them or what they were saying to us. Good for them but not good for me, because it is very hard to register rapid switches between a language I marginally understand and a language I don’t really understand xD I had a lot of moments of “what are these words, what is happening” and then a second later I would realize that she was no longer speaking Japanese and I’d be like, “oh, that’s why” xD)

Special shoutout to the members who were miming things as the Japanese translation was happening, like please you dorks :joy: Did I know what they were talking about most of the time? Still no, but A for effort :joy: Tbh it was kind of distracting me from listening :rofl:

A story in 3 parts about 天丼

I think he liked it xD

The second part of the stream was a game where they all ate identical-looking pieces of food but one person got a piece of food that was weird in some way (like it was spicy, etc) and they had to guess who got the weird thing based on their reaction while eating it. It was fun and cute xD

My favorite “I understood that” moment was when two of the members burst out laughing for ? reason (I think one of the staff members off screen was doing something) - Keonhee laughed so hard that he snorted, and the other members were teasing him like 豚、どこですか? :joy: That sounds like not much, but it’s the little things~ I also love how they use their limited Japanese to be hilarious, like they’re so fun even when they aren’t fluent and I love that.