🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

Nov 10, Thu of Week 7 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

I watched 2 more episodes of Translator Spotlight from the Japan Foundation, so 5 in total. The latter 1 is in spoken in English, so I don’t want to watch that now.

Then, I watched an episode of The Crown on Netflix. Well, about Queen Elizabeth, but with JP dub and sub. Subtitle mismatch is expected, anyway – listened harder, but I also looked at transcript (via Language Reactor). I don’t read at all if there are too many mismatches. Probably easier than total listening, but there are so many unknowns…

Hidden English sub-on-hover in transcript side-panel helps. I don’t like the built-in hover dictionary, but English transcript helps in a different way. It also helps that only see it when I hover, when I really need to. Perhaps a little of JP audio to English clauses.