🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Fall 2022 🍁

Oct 29, Sat of Week 5 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I listened to a music video, with simplified Chinese sub (which I can’t read) and JP sub (which some simplified Chinese variants sneaked in). Nonetheless, the scene is in Japanese.

Then, I watched this one from 日本語の森. Sensei is as cute as ever. I listened fine without sub, but there is a hideable sub / transcript (not auto-generated), nonetheless. Chat Replay has to be manually clicked to show.

This is another song mentioned in the clip.

I also watched another 日本語の森 song introduction clip – 猫 / DISH//【日本の歌で日本語を勉強しよう #04】 - YouTube

Yesterday, perhaps I watched 2 episodes of HUNTER x HUNTER, and 1 old episode of Death Note; but I cleaned the generated sub further, and then got me curious about MC('s injury)… so I peeked from every episodes to last episode (EP.92 of 1999 adaptation of HUNTER x HUNTER). Then, I looked at the manga, just-at-the-end equivalent, and then some 15 volumes later.