LipSurf - WaniKani Voice Dictation. Review while you eat, do chores, etc


I have nothing to add here. Just admiring your gravatar.


Thank you so much


hooray, my offer from before still stands but (shifty eyes…) hmmm, i feel temptation in my bones


Thanks for your support! I just released 1.2 which has a lot of improvements! Recognition should be faster, let me know if you notice a difference :slight_smile:

@holyone2 v1.2 now looks at all parts of the transcript, so you don’t even need to say “clear” or “reset”, it will look at all the words. Also the new version will highlight the part of the transcript that it uses for the command.

Lastly, as a reminder, wanikani will only be available on pro soon so please upgrade if you haven’t yet :slight_smile:


Great upgrade!

It’s a shame to hear WaniKani support will require pro - I can’t afford the pro pricing.

Do you think you would consider a reduced price for a limited version which can only be used with WaniKani?

A one off payment option rather than monthly subscription (like the WaniKani “lifetime subscription” option) would also be much appreciated, as lifetime plan owner I plan to use WaniKani gradually for the next 3-10 years at my own pace and can’t pay for e.g. a 10 years subscription ($720!)

Out of curiosity, as I understand it, the non-pro version includes community plugins - but I wonder whether you would accept a community plugin that mimics the WaniKani functionality?


This is a good idea - I’d happily pay for just the WK plugin (well, within reason), but I don’t need all the other things the extension offers. Ditto that a one time price would be ideal, but I also understand that subscription models give constant revenue, so.


The latest updates have been really good! I’m extremely sad about Wanikani becoming pro, as it’s the only thing I use it for and I can barely afford the Wanikani subscription alone, nevermind an add-on. I don’t understand why you’re making one of the main things people use this plugin for behind a paywall, because it seems more likely to make people just stop using it than to actually pay… But I don’t know, maybe it’s working for you.

Like others are saying, I’d love a one-time price for just WK. As it is though, I’ll purchase a month’s subscription, but I’ll probably have to stop using it after that…


I’m glad the upgrade is working well for people so far! The next version will allow for custom homophones by clicking on the live text at any time. I’m really psyched about this feature.

About the WaniKani plugin being a part of pro: the WK and Japanese support actually take a bulk of my time. With this latest update, after getting the platform upgraded and working for all the general plugins, I had to spend 30+ hours just making sure the WaniKani plugin and JP language was compatible with the latest changes, comprehensively tested and working optimally. That’s just for the slight changes in 1.2! The only way I will continue supporting WK as it’s a relatively tiny corner of the web, is if users are showing support, through the pro version. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense for me to keep spending so much time maintaining it. I really like WK and I chose it to be a plugin early on, but soon there will be other language learning tools supported and the big things like the google suite of tools.

About making a lifetime version: I’ll think about that. I just don’t want to make a huge commitment like maintaining the WK plugin forever without being able to keep that promise. Under promise over deliver :wink:

I wouldn’t be able to accept plugins that duplicate functionality, but also, that’s a huge amount of work and maintenance that some poor soul would need to redo.


@LeeDavies87 can you write me, I’ve been trying to email you via your paypal email but I don’t think you’ve been getting the emails? I want to credit you double for pro as promised for your donation :slight_smile:


@mikob My fault. I haven’t been checking that inbox emails, Sorry again. I’ve sent an email.


Thank you for explaining, I can appreciate how much work it must have been and if you keep adding features, will continue to be.


I think @lavendera AKA the Bill Gates of WaniKani was offering to buy pro for someone. Seems like a really generous guy :open_mouth:


The newer versions have automated bug reports. I’ve already made some hot fixes (1.3.1, 1.3.2) if you had an issue it might be fixed in those latest versions. You can force updates from chrome://extensions


Just published new version 1.4 which has some internal improvements. I’m thinking of adding a command to quickly look up Japanese words in the dictionary. The flow would be like this:

  1. Say “Japanese” to switch to Japanese language recognition
  2. Say “辞書「 」” where 「 」 is the word you want to lookup in Japanese

At that point you would see the definition on Does anyone prefer other dictionary sites/lookup tools? If you are interested in another like feature, just let me know.


Just released v1.5.0. There’s new plugins specifically for Japanese language learners. There’s now English<->Japanese dictionary lookup commands so you can quickly lookup words just using your voice:

*You can say eg. “Japanese dictionary “jet lag”” to look up the word for “jet lag” in Japanese.
*You can switch to Japanese by saying “Japanese” then eg. “辞書[たこ焼き」” to look up what たこやき means in English.
*You can say eg. “dictionary “gaslight”” to lookup words in a regular English dictionary.
*You can say eg. “wikipedia “John Perry”” to lookup the wiki page on John Perry.

Thanks for your support thus far peeps!


Hello. I love this application because I have two broken hands. Would you consider adding support for lessons as well as reviews? Thank you.


Thanks for the kind words. I’ll add support for lessons ASAP!


Just published 1.6.0 it should be available within an hour. Now you can do lessons :slight_smile: I also fixed an issue where the live text sometimes would just show a transcript that fuzzy matched the correct answer, rather than the correct answer itself.

Here’s some commands you can use for lessons:

  • crocodile crab lessons (goes to lessons)
  • radicals/reading/meaning/examples (goes to the tab)
  • next (next tab)
  • next/previous item
  • skip (I already know this item)
  • need more time (when prompted for quiz)
  • quiz/start (when prompted for quiz)
  • continue/done (when prompted on whether to continue at the end of a lesson quiz)

The full release notes aren’t ready yet, but will be here tomorrow morning sometime:

Let me know if you run into any issues, or need anything else!


Thank you. This is amazing. You may have single-handedly saved my kanji practice. No pun intended.


There was an issue with 1.6.0 if LipSurf was configured a certain way, so I released 1.6.1 this morning. If you have issues, make sure you force an update to 1.6.1 by going into chrome://extensions and clicking update.