LipSurf - WaniKani Voice Dictation. Review while you eat, do chores, etc


this topic used to interest me, then i read it’s gonna go commercial.
i remember when turned into iknow, was a sad day, so i guess i’ll pass this time.


@mikob, here’s what happens.

  1. Get “graduate”, speak wrong meaning

  2. Get “graduate” again later (screen copy), notice the red -meaning indicating you’ve had one previous failure

  3. Speak “graduate”

  4. There’s a flash, red -meaning disappears

  5. If you press enter, it’s counted as a success, failure forgotten



I just tried this out, but it’s not happening to me. I’m guessing one of your other WK extensions is causing this?

Here’s what I did.

  1. 減法 got the reading correct.
  2. Did some other reviews…
  3. Got 減法 meaning wrong, said “wrong” to manually mark as wrong.
  4. Did some other reviews…
  5. 減法 meaning came up again, this time I know it so I say “subtraction” and I get the green text, but I get the “down arrow Guru” because it’s still marked as wrong/downgraded as it’s supposed to be. Here’s the screenshot:

And here’s my review summary correctly showing that I got downgraded on 減法:

LipSurf doesn’t finick with the WK database, it only reads from the database (doesn’t modify or write to it), inputs answers in the textbox and hits the next arrow. So it mimics what you would do with the keyboard.

Did I do anything wrong in my testing? I hope we get to the bottom of this. Perhaps you should try disabling your other WK extensions temporarily?


Ah right! I will disable all other WK extensions.

I don’t think LipSurf is messing with the database. Might it erase a JavaScript value? The field change triggers something.


I meant the frontend database, WK has a jStorage database (which is like JavaScript values as you say) that it keeps in local storage in your browser. I’ve seen other extensions modify this liberally. LipSurf does not :slight_smile:


@mikob amazing extension! I have noticed when you speak, you need to wait until the recognized text goes white before you can start a new word. Is it possible to “reset” it midway through a word (for example, if you mispoke, or there it picks up someone else’ voice in the background)?


Thanks for the kind words! I have this problem myself. A couple ideas on how to improve that… I’m going to test out allowing the safer commands to be recognized midway, if there’s too many false-positives with that method then worst case scenario I’ll add a “clear” type command that will immediately clear the text and make the new incoming transcript the new beginning (for lack of a better word).


Yeah I think if you could just say “clear” or “reset” that would be neat :slight_smile: !


I am also amused that it only understand me when I put on a fake American accent (I have a British accent) e.g. for Posture saying “Pass-chure” instead of “Poss-chure”. What engine are you using for the Speech to Text? I wonder if it has dialect customisation like google speech to text.


Google’s. It works really well for me, and on the other end worst of all for women with accents, I’ve noticed. I would guess that the majority of Google’s voice training data is from Caucasian males working at Google :sweat_smile:

Did you try switching the dialect to English UK in the options?


Ahh! I didn’t spot that :sweat_smile:- thank you!! Had it set to English (US)!


maybe it’s my accent. Northern English (Manchester) but

Did you switch in the options English (US) --> English (UK)? That helped me a lot.


Just released 1.0.0, officially out of BETA now :tada:! I will be reaching out to those who donated to explain how to get the double credit, as promised!

I’ve noticed some areas for improvement for WK, so I will focus on those for the 1.1 release :slight_smile:

There’s a 20% discount for the first 20 people who sign up for pro via this link. Hoping it is interesting to some, or people want to support the project so it can continue to grow and improve. As I mentioned earlier, the WK plugin will become a pro one. So if you’re not on pro soon, it will stop working for you, unfortunately.


Tofugu just featured us in the new Japanese learning resources, for those interested:


hi, this project is really neat—i am very much appreciative of making things more accessible for disabled folx. i really would like to donate something but the link in the first post doesn’t work.


@lavendera Thank you. There is no longer a donate link, I wasn’t getting many donations. I’ve updated that link. Instead I’m trying a pricing model now to keep the project going. If you want to support it, consider buying a few months of LipSurf Pro, or yearly if you want a discount.

I would really appreciate it, and you can be the first Pro user :smiley: so you get to be the only one who votes for features for now :sweat_smile:


oh okay, good to know! i don’t need it myself, but if anyone wants me to drop them a pro membership, please ping me!


Hmm really? The WK plugin will only be available on pro going forward, as mentioned earlier. Also, pro will have all of the best features, a “wake word” so you can just say “lipsurf on”, custom homophones, custom dictation, voting rights and there will be other pro plugins… we’re just getting started.

Lastly, maybe I’m missing something that would be useful for you particularly :thinking:? Because I will make custom plugins to do whatever thing you personally want for the first batch of pro users. Just let me know what thing you would like to do via voice… what’s a shortcut that would save you time each day? - for instance.


yeah, I am legally blind so I’d often prefer my computer talking to me rather than me talking to my computer. haha, I’ll certainly drop some cash your way though. :slight_smile:


For all those that use Anki here, latest version 1.1.0 now has Anki support among other improvements!