LipSurf - WaniKani Voice Dictation. Review while you eat, do chores, etc


Firstly I have to say excellent job Mikob. Thought there are a few little things to be ironed out this really is stellar work. And from my initial tests if the few small things can be ironed out this will completely revolutionize the way I do reviews.

As someone just back from summer vacation who stupidly didn’t put wanikani into vacation mode and is now churning through 1500 reviews it’s a godsend to be able to do them hands free. Forget doing chores and eating (pah! eating is cheating). I’ve just been sat playing Tales of Berseria in Japanese while simultaneously plowing through my reviews. Nirvana! As long as you have headphones for the games audio it’s totally doable. I think I love you Mikob and will certainly be contributing.

As for minor issues maybe it’s my accent. Northern English (Manchester) but it doesn’t seem to like my ふ or ほ much especially when in short answers. Also is there a voice command for the ‘Show All Information’. After I say info it goes to the first page but is there a voice command to activate the ‘show all info’ after that? I couldn’t see it listed in the thread.

Anyway that’s all for now I’m back off to multitask. Will return with further thoughts as I find them. Till then keep up the good work.

PS. I’m now down to 1200 and counting…


yeah a homophone would be necessary for きた -> こた but we can’t even get to the first step きた without handling inflections first. I’m not sure I’ll have that homophone baked in because it’s not intuitive. Nevertheless you will be able to add custom homophones in a subsequent version.

I’ll add that.

Hmm I guess those are the same. Will need to change the hiragana conversion to work with those.

I did the English side of numbers, but still need to add a bunch of numbers to the Japanese side :slight_smile:

Thanks for these suggestions!


I also have trouble with that. Maybe this will help, for ふ but as you’ve noticed the Japanese recognition has lots of room for improvement on shorter sounds

No there isn’t. But it can easily be added :wink:

If you really loved me, you would leave me a review on the chrome webstore :kissing_heart:

Good luck on your remaining 1200 or so reviews soldier, we will play to the Crabigods for you :pray:


Hey guys, I’m about to release 0.9 with lots of improvements tomorrow. There’s also a forum now:

If you have any last minute requests for wanikani or other lipsurf stuff, by all means, let me know!


Just released 0.9! Lot’s of Japanese improvements in this one, a couple new wanikani commands and a brand new plugin for opening up “top sites” like facebook, twitter, instagram, new york times etc. As usual, please let me know if there’s anything lacking or if you run into an issues guys :kissing_heart:

I’ve added this command in the latest 0.9 version. You can say “show all info” or “show more info”.

I’ve also added a command to click the “last 10” button.

@ephemient I’ve added these and some more in the latest 0.9! Thanks again for your useful feedback!

Fixed this.


Just updated to 0.10. This version has a couple new plugins, not for wanikani but there’s a anti-procrastination plugin now so you can say, for example, “open facebook for 10 minutes” to open a self destructing facebook tab.

I also added a hacker news plugin, changed “annotate” to “tag”, added a “new window” command and made lots of infrastructure improvements. As usual, anyone is free to make or improve the existing plugins:



I encountered some overlaying commands today:
vocab word “radical” send me to reddit
vocab word “to return” send me to twitter

I got the feeling that the japanese recognition got way better with shorter sounds ^^ :+1:


Thanks for letting me know. I’ll look into making certain commands less trigger happy!


I’m just trying this for the first time. Is it expected that if you have a WaniKani review tab open nothing else will really work?

Also, if I navigate to YouTube for example, is there a way to put arbitrary text into the text book so I can search?


BTW, in the meantime I recommend you disable those commands in the options: chrome-extension://lnnmjmalakahagblkkcnjkoaihlfglon/views/options.html


It should work, but it’s not really something I’ve optimized for. Personally, I go through my wanikani review sessions uninterrupted. What exactly doesn’t work, and what’s your workflow like? Maybe we can figure something out.

That will be a feature, but most likely only in the pro version.


My “workflow” is to get distracted easily haha. Sometimes when I get stuck on a review that I think I should know the answer I do something else for a few minutes. I think what was probably happening was the review I was on was asking for the reading, so Lipsurf was probably only listening for Japanese.


Yes, it was probably just listening for Japanese. The language setting is a global one that the WK plugin adjusts automatically for convenience when doing readings. You can just say “英語” to manually switch back to English, and “Japanese” to switch to Japanese again manually if you’re on English mode but doing a reading.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


About to release v0.11.1 which fixes an issue that some people might have had when too many tabs were open – LipSurf might have just completely not worked.


I seem to have a huge problem with LipSurf. If I provide a wrong answer, followed by the correct answer, the vocab is marked as ok. Eg I got the meaning wrong then the reading right:


But LipSurfs erases the wrong meaning (previously displayed in red) and (in this example) proceeds to burn the vocab.


This is intentional so you can have the flexibility of undoing a wrong answer. Say for instance if you tried a bunch of words, but none of them were marked as correct, so you say “wrong”. But then you realize that your answers were actually synonyms that just weren’t added or a different form of the same word that wasn’t similar enough to be accepted.

Curious :grinning:, why exactly do you want saying the correct answer after the wrong answer to not work?


Just a heads up to WaniKani peeps, the pro version is coming out within the next couple days! So if you want to continue on the pro version, this is your last chance to donate and get double the credit.

The pro version will have all the cool new features, including typing arbitrary things into forms (like the youtube search box, comment boxes, etc ) feature voting, and I even decided to do something wacky and let pro users get 1 custom made command of their choice (as long as it’s something reasonable :sweat_smile:) For example if you want a command for your grandma so that she can say “call little Bobby” and it will open a google hangout sesh with you, I will make that for you :smile:

Most importantly, unfortunately for the unpaid users, I have to make the WaniKani plugin a “pro” one, because it takes a hugely disproportionate amount of my time and only benefits a small subset of users. I hope that those using it for free now understand. Of course there will be a grace period before the WK plugin becomes pro!


Imagine you have a Guru item under review. You get the reading ok, then the meaning wrong, and finally the meaning right.
The item should not go up to Master. It should downgrade to Apprentice.


Ah, I think I misunderstood what you were saying at first. At first I thought you were saying that while you were on the review item that you got wrong, immediately after getting it wrong you would say the right answer and thus LipSurf would correct the answer.

But maybe you’re saying that there are reviews in between? Eg.

  1. You get a reading right for item x
  2. Do other reviews
  3. You get meaning wrong for item x
  4. Do other reviews
  5. You get the meaning right for item x this time, and it gets upgraded instead of downgraded

Is that correct, @Xtian ? Or was I right with my first interpretation about you getting it wrong, and before doing the next review item, getting it right?

LipSurf doesn’t play with the database but only puts the right or wrong answer in the textfield and clicks submit. So it shouldn’t work differently from typing out the answer. The exception being it can edit an answer of the currently active item.


Yes @mikob, that’s correct. (Getting it wrong, then immediately right works as expected.)

OK, I’ll try to be more attentive, I’ll keep you updated.